Lenovo Yoga 920 laptop, Win 10 - locked out!

Sorry I don’t understand this argument and I’m beginning to feel a bit like I’m being trolled. For the last time: I paid for Windows 10 as part of the package, it came pre-installed on the laptop. I think it is reasonable to expect that I can use the laptop to access my own data and use it in the way other people use their laptops. I do not think it is reasonable to be locked out of my own computer and my own data for one month with “security” that won’t recognise me.

If it will boot and enforce the bitlocker it would be working in the view of many. If it will not boot because the ssd is locked it is still classed as working, as designed.

Each of us is entitled to our opinions that remain opinions until tested.

FWIW I had 40+ years in ICT from development through senior management so may have some bias but if you find an agreeable ear I hope you will let us know.

I agree Microsoft’s 30-day lockout is somewhat extreme and inexplicable considering alternatives to prove who you are, but Microsoft’s refusal to let you into your account is not on the PC or Lenovo, it is on Microsoft.

Suggests @Mal is not a naive buyer

That would be difficult to establish since various PC models have bitlocker. Unless @Mal had a conversation with a salesman and security was a topic at the time it would still be questionable in my opinion whether having the bitlocker feature would have made it an inappropriate product since there is no requirement to use bitlocker and if it can be established if, when, or why it got enabled. If it was enabled before the fabled update it was used without worries and an informed user would be expected to understand the importance of keeping keys and so on. Hence there could be a credible defence to the Lenovo being ‘inappropriate’.

You and ‘we’ are having a difference of opinion that you do not accept, no trolling happening.

I agree with that. That is a Microsoft issue and seems to defy reason, but is not related to either the computer nor Windows10 - just Microsoft Corp. There are many web hits from ‘30 day microsoft account locked’ so you are not alone. Considering all, this Microsoft support page seems inane but is there any resemblance to reality?

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It seems like we forum members have provided all the advice we can on this one re consumer issues and hope @Mal can find a way to unlock his Microsoft account and his bitlocker key will be there.

The experience reinforces that users need to have image and data backups appropriate to their use, and especially copies of all software/securitykeys, and to always have copies of those copies just in case.

Since we can offer nothing further I’ll close this topic. If @Mal gets an outcome he would like added, I encourage him to PM me to add the addition to the thread.