Lenovo Customer Service (lack of)

Ordered a Lenovo black-coloured all-in-one computer on 23rd August, 2016. It arrived from China on 2nd September, but had faded to pure white in transit! So I advised Lenovo of that by email on that day - no reply. So then rang and was promised this would be corrected. Since then I’ve had several phone calls and emails saying it will be fixed soon. So far nothing has happened (26th October). Now I will have to waste my time making a complaint to Fair Trading. SO, BUYER BEWARE ! What are other people’s experiences?

Prior to wasting (spending?) time with fair trading read the Australian Consumer Law and send Lenovo a receipted (eg email confirmation of delivery/reading) Letter of Demand quoting how they breached the act, exactly what you want them to do and by when, with a reasonable time stated for them to respond. It usually gets results. Keep copious notes of who and when you communicated with at Lenovo and exactly what they promised. Include the salient bits in the Letter of Demand.

Their breach could be from shipping the wrong product to being non-responsive when their advertising or web claims or communications to you have not been met.

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Hello @Jumbuck
Do as Phil (@PhilT) has suggested. If you get on to Fair Trading they will require you to do that anyway.

I would add in your letter to them that you are in touch with the Australian Consumer Association via Choice in relation to this matter, and there is interest on how this matter unfolds. :wink:


I purchased a Lenovo Lap Top and while I am reasonably happy with it, I am not at all happy with the serious lack of communication with the company when requiring some back up information john

Would you please clarify your post? Do you mean information about backing up, or additional information about the machine?