Laundry liquid or laundry powder safe for sensitive skin

We have a house full of people with skin allergies and skin conditions. Until recently we happily used Cold Power Sensitive as it was fragrance free and dermatologically tested. Unfortunately, German company Henkel purchased the brand from Colgate Palmolive and have recently changed the formula to include a fragrance made from Almond oil which means it’s now unsuitable for us to use, yet they still brand it as Sensitive but now with Almond Milk.

So we’re now in the throes of finding an alternative product to use. Our first test this week was with a bottle of Radiant Sensitive, but after opening the bottle we were overpowered by the very strong fragrance in it. Can anyone recommend a product that actually does what it claims on the package and is actually safe to use for people with sensitive skin conditions? This is why we used the cold power for such a long time. It was the only one we could find that was suitable and now we can’t use it.

I suffer from dermatitis in my hands due to detergents caused by clothes washing powders and liquids . I find Earth’s Choice for Sensitive Skin Laundry Liquid does not cause break outs on my hands . I buy the large 4 litre size for value and it’s not as concentrated . Hope this helps .


Thanks, we’ll give it a burl.

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@NubglummerySnr I also use a lot of Bosisto’s Products .Below is a link to their webisite . I know they have low allergen detergents .


Have been using Omo sensitive for several years but don’t use the pods as they seem to be highly scented


Omo sensitive together with an extra rinse cycle works for us the best. I tried the Aldi sensitive powder but it still made my boys itchy.

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We’re giving Planet Ark endorsed Aware Sensitive laundry powder a bash, mainly because it actually states that it’s fragrance free. Our local Woolies doesn’t carry a large range of sensitive products that don’t bowl you over from the fragrances added to them when you open the container.

We have been using Aware Sensitive for years. We all have sensitive skin and don’t want any fragrance in washing liquid (we used the powder as well) and we are happy with these products - no itch and no smell.


I also use the Bosisto’s products for laundry and cleaning in the house - fantastic for us sensitive types.


Yes I think they are fantastic .I particularly like their “Bathroom & Shower Cleaner '” Easy to work with and no overpowering fumes .

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I have the same problems with laundry powder. As one of the other folk mentioned; Omo Sensitive with an additional rinse works for me …but I still scratch if I don’t do the extra rinse. Bosistos makes me itchy, and the Aware Sensitive is really hit and miss.
My dermatitis flared up really badly after a box of Aware sensitive that had a strong fragrance (flare ups are expensive as they mean lots of prescription medications etc). I double checked that the box was “Sensitive” and then emailed the company. They said:
“We clean the machine out between running the fragranced version and the unfragranced version and then we
run some inert material through to pick up any residual odour… but even so, I suppose it is possible that some of the fragrance from our ‘ECO’ variant got into the ‘Sensitive’ variant (this is the only difference between them).”
They offered to send me a replacement, but never did. So if you buy this product give it a good sniff to make sure it isn’t actually fragranced (the one I had was really strong in smell).

I recently read about another product that I might try:

Good luck!

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Our household is also sensitive to laundry products, we are good with Aldi’s Trimat sensitive and their Green Action.

I have Psoriasis and have been using Purity Sensitive laundry liquid for some years now and have found that the best. It is plant based, phosphate, enzyme and dye free and Australian made and owned. It can also be used if you have septics and not sewerage! I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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I have found that, regardless of the Sensitive claim, powdered washing detergents are a lot more irritating to the skin than liquids. For years we have been using Omo sensitive in the liquid form.

Last year I started following Shannon Lush’s recommendations to reduce our exposure to chemicals. Her suggestion to use only powder detergents and to mix Sodium Bicarbonate with a sensitive powder in a 3:1 ratio is very effective. Stop using fabric softener and use white vinegar instead. Clothes have no detergent residue, look cleaner, attract less dirt, smell clean and don’t irritate our eczema sufferers. Very successful, I won’t go back to highly scented silicone based detergent. Definitely worth trying.


We live in Tassie so no Aldi stores for us. :frowning:

Please google Norwex and find a consultant near you! Their UPP laundry powder is the only one I have seen that dissolves clear in a glass of water. Try this test with your own. If it’s cloudy then there are still “fillers” in them. I joined to get all my products at cost price and don’t even walk down the personal care or cleaning aisles anymore. (Except for toilet paper) And if you are allergic to dust mites get the Mattress Cleaner! Amazing.
Have a look:

I love Bosistos - I’m very sensitive to perfumes (nose reaction not skin i.e.) and have had no issues with this product. I find Earth Choice Liquid way too strong in perfume. It doesn’t affect my skin but seriously upsets my sinus. It is way too strong a smell and I wont be buying it again. Omo Sensitive is good too but not as environmental as I like.

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@pdccorry I’ve always used the Bosistos Liquid and had no problems with skin break outs . Have you tried the powder ? I’m thinking of trying that out as I can buy it in bulk with friends .

I buy the powder and the liquid. I like both, but prefer to use the liquid as the powder is so fine it tends to fly around as I put it into the machine and that irritates my nose (unless I put my facemask on). Even though the powder comes in a cardboard box, the insert is plastic and I am trying to eliminate all plastic purchases where possible. Obviously the liquid comes in plastic though. Can’t win - It cleans well and doesn’t give me perfume headaches or sinus which is the main thing :frowning:

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