Latex Mattress At Risk of Damage

We have a 7 year old latex mattress in excellent condition. Just two days ago an internal water pipe burst in the ensuite adjacent to our bedroom. The Insurance company contracted a restoration specialist to first dry out the carpeted area in the bedroom and in the ensuite & walls. The bed itself is not impacted by any water. The restoration specialist put a few big industrial heating and fan machines in the bedroom to remove moisture. The bedroom (day 2 with the heating & drying machines running continuously) has all doors and windows closed. The temperature in the bedroom is 40 degrees celsius. We are concerned that the heat inside the bedroom may damage the latex mattress. The drying & heating equipment must remain for another 3 days. Are there any tests or evidence that this intense heat can damage latex mattresses? FYI we asked the restoration specialist if the equipment would cause damage - and he said ‘no’, however we are really nervous as the mattress was very expensive and needed to be in good condition for health reasons.

Make sure your insurance company covers your electricity costs!!

Can’t comment on your mattress, but my husband and his wife had a latex mattress in western Qld where the temperatures get over 40 degrees for weeks. It is about 40 years old now and we still use it, although it is dished in, the covering material worn and it is under another couple of mattresses & packed out with old pillows and towels to get it level. Can’t say if it was the heat, weight (they were both over 100kg) or natural degradation that caused the partial collapse of the latex. It is still OK around the edges.

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I wouldn’t worry as the human body is just below 40oC and it is likely that mattresses will experience temperatures about 40oC from time to time (hot weather, from an electric blanket etc). Choice also tests electric blankets to see how long it takes for them to get to 40oC.

40oC shouldn’t be an issue. If it was say 70oC, then this would be a concern as it wouldn’t be a temperature which a mattress would be normally subject to…let alone anything else in the bedroom.