Latest telemarkating scam - Funeral Insurance

It seems that the latest telemarketing scam is to get around the Do Not
Call Register by claiming that “we’ve received a query in your name”.

I’ve just received one such call from a funeral insurance company. Of
course their claim may be true, but the person who submitted the query
in my name was probably the telemarketer who called me or an employee
whose job it is to submit queries by working through the telephone
directory. There’s probably no way around this one, since there’s no way
of telling who submitted the query.


I am getting a lot of calls lately from Funeral Insurance Telemarketers too . Very persistent . I have a plan in place . I got an “unbeatable” quote from them . Trouble is it was nearly double what I pay per month . They no longer phone me. Fred I noticed the Telemarketers only started to phone me after I had been in touch with my own Insurance company with a query . Maybe they passed my details on .

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Perhaps a subsidiary?

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@Fred Great minds think alike

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The answer to these creeps is simple… just get an answering machine and have all calls filtered through it. No exceptions . Those who are genuine will speak and you can pick up the receiver and answer them. I have at least one call a day which triggers the machine with the beep beep beep but at least I do not have to strain the brain trying to understand their poor attempts at English. I have been on the no call list since it began but these callers seem to ignore it. My number is also now silent so that indicates just how vulnerable we all are these days. Does not help that the Chinese have purchased iinet. Computer scams and hacking have increased for me sine then. Not good! .
Time the government woke up to itself and stopped forfeiting our safety just to get money from other countries. Greed is NOT good!


I have a wonderful funeral plan - I am donating my body to science. Low cost ($600 for a remote location (me) - nothing for an urban location). Tell them that - and mean it, and they can’t beat it.


This call was definitely from Australia, Marloo2.

Yes Fred, they usually are…but just who is making that call is the problem.

Not in my experience - most of the spam calls I get are from India or the Philipines, since they don’t need to worry about the Do Not Call Register.

The point of my post is that Australian companies, which are required by law to abide by the DNCR, have found a way around it by claiming that they’re responding to an enquiry, something that’s allowed by the DNCR.

The only way that we could protected from this latest scam would be to require Australian companies claiming to have had prior contact to provide us with verified information about the “prior contact”.

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I only leave my mobile number on web sites. Then when I get an unsolicited call, I put them on my Reject List. No more calls!!


I have had these calls too : two calls in the past week evidently coming from the Philippines on behalf of an Australian insurance company and selling funeral insurance i.e. Life insurance

If I get any more I’m going t ask for their supervisor and then complain to their Australian HO

My father did this 2 years ago, at no cost to the family, despite the ~500km he had to be transported. Mum has signed up for the same, and I’ll do it too. I feel I’ll be much more useful for training/science than clogging up cemetary or filling the air with thick black smoke… (for the amount of smoke that comes out of the crematorium chimney, I’d expect a huge pile of burning rubber tyres!)

Gordon, I just saw your reply to my post regarding telemarketing scams. I check out the name, as I have a cousin by the same name who actually own the old place that we live in. I was somewhat surprised to see that you had an aquaponics setup ( I guess I should not have been), as I have just got my small system up and running. Still experimenting with it but so far all seems to be going well. I am using an old bath tub (1/4 circle) that has a surface area of about 2.5 metre square. My growing tray is about the same size, only rectangular. I have stocked it with a variety of vegetables, berries a couple of flower species and some lemon grass. I have started with just 20 catfish (all that I could get at short notice). They re good eating and cool to cold tolerant. It gets quite cool here in Stockinbingal in winter and very hot in summer. Anyway, now, an experiment.

Good move! Let us know how you go.

Actually, Fred, that isn’t a way round it - or not a legal one anyway. According to the DNC website: "The Do Not Call Register legislation does not just apply to companies making telemarketing calls or sending marketing faxes from within Australia. It also applies to:
businesses within Australia that use overseas-based telemarketers or fax marketers to help solicit sales; "


Are faxes even a thing any more? :grin:

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I know it’s frustrating but having worked in the telecom industry there are two courses of action.

  1. Get the details of who they are and register a complaint through the do not call register, the company they are representing will get a substantial fine.
  2. Threaten them with this, in most cases they will remove your number.

In the case of overseas call centres, they gain your number from either a phone listing which is easy as the white pages are online or from marketing lists which are sold to them and are compiled from many sources.
The dialing is computer controlled and as each operator hangs up, the computer will dial multiple numbers at once and when the first answers, the rest drop out. The secret here is to let the phone ring as long as you can, then you will get a hangup. There is also a delay once you answer and it is at this time you can then just hang up.
The number will also invariably show as an Australian number.


@t.mills I had the same thing happening .Overseas call centre about some funeral plan . Was waiting to go into hospital for invasive tests .Unpleasant . So took different ploy . I said I was interested . The call centre person put me onto their supervisor . They arranged a time within 2 days for the company they represented to phone me . The Australian company phoned me within 20 minutes . They gave me their quote .I told them , truthfully , that it was double what I was paying per month and I had twice the cover amount . Have not had a call since . Oh yes the tests proved to be negative at hospital :))

Sadly, the Do Not Call register is useless. In my experience ACMA don’t follow up, even when all the details are handed to them on a plate.
On at least four occasions now, I’ve reported local companies which have used Indian call centres initially and have then followed up with their own calls to me. I’ve quoted chapter and verse with times, dates, company names and phone numbers and have never even received an acknowledgement from ACMA. I continue to get plagued with several calls a week, most of them trying to sell me solar panels and all of them following the same script, word for word.
All it would need are a couple of high-profile prosecutions of the local companies which are paying these so-called marketing companies to generate sales leads and the whole thing would stop.

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Thanks kortravel99.

I understand, though, that businesses that have a “prior relationship” with you are exempt and are allowed to contact you. In this case, though the “prior relationship” is bogus - based on an “email enquiry in [my] name”, it would seem to fit the exemption.