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Kogan and Ultrasonic Pest Control devices (created for user jezzaaaa)

@jezzaaaa has pointed out that Kogan are selling Ultrasonic Pest Control devices. They are nominating them for a Shonky.


Kogan sells an ultrasonic pest repellent:

I posted this link in a Choice community forum, and other community members came out of the woodwork to dob in other sellers of these disproven devices: Woolies, Bunnings, Amazon, Catch. Perhaps the whole class of product deserves a Shonky.

What if someone bought one of these to use instead of a mosquito net or DEET, in a region with malaria? It could be a disastrous decision.

I imagine if Choice did a review of a selection of these, you’d find absolutely no effect for any of them. What a scathing indictment that would be. I can just see it now: “Which one repells pests the best? Actually, none of them are any better than a $2 double adaptor!”

It wouldn’t surprise me if some of them aren’t even connected on the inside of the casing.

BTW, I hope the ABC brings back “The Checkout” soon from “hiatus”.


I bought one from Bunnings once, it was supposed to repel mice (I was between cats). I discovered a mouse sitting on top of it when it was plugged in and on. I returned it to Bunnings the next day, for a full refund. None of these electronic devices work. Definitely shonky.