Known issue . Problem with Bigpond email accounts linked to Microsoft Outlook

If you have a email address linked to Microsoft Outlook there is an issue with pass words . I have been busy so it has taken me a couple of weeks to post this .

The Outlook stops receiving emails from the bigpond address . It then automatically shuts down your emails and sends a message that you may have been account compromised and to phone Telstra on 132200.

It happened to us on our business computer . Level 1 and 2 Telstra techs could not get us up and running for a day . The computer in question handles all our business and legal matters so to loose the email function was more than an inconvenience .

One of the Telstra Platinum Service techs phoned me the next day . , Saturday . , and had the computer up and running very quickly .

Since this issue my usual tech has phoned me advising me some of his customers having the same problem .

That is a very shortened version of all that took place . The Platinum Tech advised me not to change any passwords re Telstra until the problem is sorted their end .

I don’t use or like Outlook . It is my brothers work computer . After wasting a whole Friday phoning Telstra etc and part of Saturday I don’t care if I never see another computer for months .

Telstra Platinum is a payed for service . I think it adds $8.00 to his bill .


Is the $8 each bill or only when one uses the service?

If there is an additional cost to a normal bill charges, you may have grounds to refuse payment of the Telstra Platinum service additional charges, especially if the issue is at the Telstra end and not yours. One shouldn’t have to pay additional monies to an ISP to have a problem sorted out which was in their (ISP/Telstra’s) control. Otherwise an ISP would have a field day causing problems to make more money from its customers, in order to sort out the problem.


I totally agree @phb . The situation is basically I would once be at his beck and call to fix up “his” computer . At the moment I’m back into the music , keyboard , guitar Uke . etc . I wasted a Friday where I could have taught some students . I don’t like Outlook . We have argued over it many times. .His computer , his problem .Let him pay . He claims it on tax anyway . .

Just as an after thought . I’m heading out tonite to try out a mates new high end Black Star Tube Guitar amp . He just phoned me and said . " Hey mate while your here could you show me how to download some zipped music files on my computer and update my anti vi ." If there is reincarnation I must have been a total bastard in a previous life with the luck , or lack of it , I’m having lately …


What does this mean?

You are using the Microsoft Outlook software installed on a Windows PC and one of the configured email accounts is a email address?

Or you are using an mail service and have somehow linked that with a email address?

In my experience both of these companies are best avoided. :slight_smile:

Don’t know but:


That’s about the strength of it . I checked his Telstra bill . He pays $10 per month not $15 as stated in your link .