Kmart vacuum cleaners

Calling all Kmart shoppers. We are keen to hear if you’ve ever bought a vacuum cleaner from Kmart.
If yes, which one did you buy and how did you rate it as compared to other vacuums you may have owned? Would you recommend it for the quality and price?


Not quite buy and don’t ask the background…but our 6 year old was given one of these for his last birthday…Kmart Vacuum Cleaner (Handheld Battery Powered) RC16C

I believe that the new price was just under $40. It appears that this model is no longer sold.

It is the first handheld in our household so can only compare it to our existing Miele.

In relation to suction: Poor. The vacuum doesn’t have sufficient suction to all remove dust and dirt from carpet. It seems to be only good for sucking dust and dirt off hard surfaces…which we use it for.from time to time.
Usability: Fair. While the model is reasonably light and also small enough go most applications, it only came with two tools. One a brush type head and the other a tubular nozzle. The nozzle tool is more effective than the brush head as the suction is more concentrated at the nozzle opening. The brush tool significantly reduces the suction and dust/dirt pickup.

Quality seems okay, but performance is lacking.

As a result, I wouldn’t recommend one to others as performance is why one buys a vacuum for cleaning purposes.


Yes, I purchased $99 Anko Rechargeable Hand - Stick Vac Model VC101 in January 2019.

The Anko was light and relatively easy to use, however, it just didnt suck up anything from our wooden floors or floor rugs, we would run it back and forth and still see the same bits of fluff on the floor. It was not good for sucking dust off hard surfaces, nor was it any good for sucking fluff off rugs.

The recharging cord was problematic, it would fall out if you moved the stick vac whilst it was charging, this happened often. So then would need to plug it back in for a bit before use.

To be honest, whilst we bought it in January, we only used it a few times and then realised it wasn’t doing anything and reverted back to our barrel vacuum all the time. I have only just sent my husband back to Kmart to return it (as I just found the receipt whilst doing my tax). Overall, wont be buying another vacuum from Kmart.

We previously owned a Hoover Handheld and it did a great job of keeping our wooden floors and floor rugs clean, we hardly used our barrel vacuum at all when we had the Hoover.



but I do.
Follow instructions re charging, cleaning properly heaps of power 2 gadgets in 1 best $69 I ever spent

  • Vacuum
  • 14.8V rechargeable lithium battery
  • Foldable handle for easy storage
  • Accessories include: 2 in 1 crevice tool
  • 75W motor
  • 40 mins maximum run time
  • 5 hours charge time
  • Tested to applicable Australian electrical safety standards and certified as compliant
  • Durability and performance testing carried out prior to QA approval
  • Colour: Black and white
  • Clean according to instructions on the care label

How do the Kmart Anko vacuums perform compared to other major brands we test? Not so good it seems:


Has anyone used it?

Saw a paid review and it seems to be working for the person.

She is showing that much dust collected from her bed but still gives it a 6/10 not encouraging.

Plus it’s not that cheap. $80 is too expensive to try, had it been $20 I might have tried it.

Other Anko vacs did not rate highly in Choice testing.

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I remember reading this, hand held one might have been good.

Was surprised to read that she is happy with the product but it’s only 6/10. Not the best score.

Guess have to wait for Dyson.

I have moved your post and an existing thread to do with Kmart vacuums.

I assume that you have seen the stick and cordless vacuum reviews that Choice did in June (member content)?

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I had a hoover hand held one similar to that one it was rubbish. I will never buy another one tp plug in the car outlet. It had terrible suction. And it died on me so it got thrown out. I didn’t really use it much at all. Ill be using my corded cleaner any day. If it was me i would ban cheap hand held vacuum cleaners.

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Yes I saw it, but it’s not same discussion, hence I started a new one.

time for me to take time out again from community discussions.

I apologise if I misunderstood, and this doesn’t suit you, but as you said in your previous post:

I thought that you had made a decision not to purchase the Anko vacuum, and opt for a Dyson.

no i have not made a decision.

Why would I want to bring to life a thread that is 2 years old? what was 2 years ago no longer applies.

I have used the kmart Anko

Recently tested and i can vouch it is not great at doing alot. Power cord is short . They are trying replicate dyson im not sure if it works out the, same or if the is just show. I surely won’t buy one. A, few of the customers i visit to clean have one. One hasn’t been taken out of the box its hard telling an older person to take something back so i will use it. I use many types of vacuum cleaners cordless and corded not really sure which is better. Some carpets are hard pushing power heads over like on dyson cordless. Why doesn’t dyson havan on off switch like lg does on the cordless vacuum is beyond me. Sure aches when doing a, reasonable size carpets

Don’t buy the green topped one i comment on cord is, short powerless i call it