Kmart Anko Over The Door Cat Tower

So not only have Kmart ripped off an original high quality product, but as usual they’ve done it on the cheap. Who can spot the problem?
To cut a long story short, after 2 frustrating hours putting this thing together you’ll end up with something that cannot actually be used on any door I’ve ever come across. As you can see the doorknob/handle conveniently disappears in the last image from the instructions where they suggest sliding the completed unit onto an open door. How on earth do they expect you to slide a solid object with about 2mm clearance over the door handle you may ask?
Well the answer from Kmart support, who have washed their hands of this problem is that you either remove your handle or take the door off its hinges! When i pointed out that my door has a complicated lock on it they suggested i call out a locksmith! You’ve read that correctly, a minimum $130 callout to hang a $20 product which is meant to be put together and ready to use in 15 minutes according to their advertising.
Upon posting this question on the message boards I’ve heard that every single user had the same issue and have had to either get a carpenter/locksmith to remove the handle (if they weren’t lucky enough to have a simple knob they could remove and replace themselves) or had ended up returning the product after hours of labour putting it together and then pulling it apart for a refund.
The original model by SmartCat includes flexible springs at the top and bottom of the unit to allow the brackets enough flexibility to pull under or over the door once the unit is already secured by the other bracket.
Anko have decided to forgo this step and with Kmart’s help have flooded the market with a cheap knock off which has about as much use as the box it comes in. When i suggested that it needs to be pulled off the shelves and at the very least have all instructions and marketing material updated to warn buyers that they’ll have to pull their doors apart to actually use this product, Kmart issued a generic apology and were never heard from again.


Hi Sonya & welcome to the forum.

Sounds like to product is totally unfit to do what it claims to be able to do, that is fit over the door.

First and most obvious step is take it back to KMart and ask for a refund.

If they don’t want to refund, which I doubt; then refer to the description of a major fault in the Australian Consumer Law.

It may be necessary to print that page off and take it with you to talk to a supervisor or store manager if the staff behind the ‘courtesy desk’ don’t have the authority or understanding to refund.

Good luck and let us know how you go.


This one made me laugh.

When you sit in an office designing cheaply made goods all day I guess you forget about what the outside world is like sometimes :laughing:


More likely they consciously avoided an obvious patent infringement. As a result it looks like one of the absolute worst designed products one could imagine.

If customers take them back for refunds in disgust, maybe KMart will suitably ‘reward’ their product buyers for putting such unusable products on the shelves.

The manufacturer seemingly deserves a special award in the ‘incompetent engineering’ category! The product buyers? What can be said except over-employment?


This appears a simple case of a product being not fit for purpose, and under the Australian Consumer Law, you are entitled to take it back and ask for a refund.


Your very wrong there, I purchased one of these for my indoor cats it was easy to adjust from an over the door hanging to bolting it to a beam, I would have put it on my door inside my flat but t door slid side ways so I couldn’t. I now have it fixed to my outside cateo, which I admit it’s not water proof but it’s still standing. It’s been a great buy for only $32 dollars compared to other over the door trees that are selling at a rediculous prices.

I don’t why your having issue but I bought this product 3 years ago and it’s been on 2 different doors in 2 different houses and it’s been fitting fine for me and the cats I have

Welcome to the Community, @tsr666. Could you describe whether you had an issue with the door handle, and if so, how you solved it ?