KitchenAid Cold Brew coffee maker review

A cold brew coffee maker with a slick glass and silver trim – is it worth $200?

Read our review to find out:

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I haven’t had a cold brewed coffee, how is it usually served, is there any crema?

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KitchenAid is a US company. Consider what Americans think is fine coffee. The question should thus be answered. :smiley:


@Geoff2 There’s no crema. On one particularly hot day, I was tempted to buy a cold brew at the local cafe, but to me, it isn’t a proper coffee if there isn’t any crema.

If I want an iced coffee at home, I use our espresso machine to make coffee and then add ice.

Everyone has different taste, and to those who prefer cold brew, enjoy !

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@PhilT On holiday on the big island of Hawaii a couple of years ago, we visited a coffee plantation. The lady who showed us around appeared to be very knowledgeable about all things coffee. I asked what type of espresso machine she used at home…

She replied that she used Folger’s ( instant, from a jar ), as that was the taste she had grown up with.

Only in America :smirk: