Kingston HyperX Cloud Core Headset

Being an avid computer gamer I rely on good communications through Team Speak or Discord Voip to keep in touch with other players whilst gaming . Some of our gaming sessions can be quite extended so a good set of comfortable headphones to me is an necessity . About 2 1/2 years ago I purchased the Hypercloud X headset with detachable boom microphone . I paid $139 .The head phones came beautifully packaged and adopters and extension cords for every gaming system present at the time . Xbox , Playstation etc . I did not need that ,I only wanted the headset and microphone . Kingston listened to what we were posting on the gaming forums and released the HyperX Cores ,just headset and boom mic . All the the Specs of the cloud but at retail $65 . Hunt around for overnite specials online and $49.95 sometimes . In 15 years of gaming I’ve destroyed a lot of gaming headsets . At $139 I thought they were cheap because of the build quality and performance . Re performance . They are 60 ohm which means they will double up as great music headphones . Most gaming headphones are 32 ohm .Way to bassy for normal music listening . I like to post products that offer good value to the forum users . Walk into a computer shop or retailer that deals in these products and there is often a wall of them .A confusing array. All different prices and QUALITY . I thought these were great value at $139 .At $65 .It says it all . Link to their website below .For all the HyperX Products .

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