"Keep me logged in" - not working

Hi - this used to work fine, and works with every other login I’ve got (apart from banks obviously) - but, of late, even if I’ve been in, a couple of days later, I have to go through the LOGIN process yet again - which is quite slow on this site.

Can this be fixed? Or is it the New Norm?


Is this in reference to the Community site or the Choice site? Or both?


Thanks for bringing this up @AlanAU AlanAU. I too am finding this with Choice.com.au, but only on the phone.

Edit: It has been logging me out on the laptop as well. Never used to do that.

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It would appear that the forum software being used here was recently upgraded. Maybe something broke.

Maybe there’s a setting for how long you can be logged in?

Maybe you can only stay logged in if you stay on the same IP address?

Otherwise “keep me logged in” will often not work if cookies are not working (hence which also depends on your browser settings).

“keep me logged in” should not be used where untrusted parties may have access to the computer in question.

Choice.com.au has never kept me logged in. Its a PITA.

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Check that your browser isn’t set to clear cookies on closing. If it is, the cookie for the Choice website will be deleted when closing the browser, meaning log in details being lost.

If this isn’t the case, to reduce the ‘pain’, it is worth using a password manager which autofills log in details including passwords. It will save considerable time and typing.

My experience on Choice.com.au is that every day or few I have to login again. I have to type in my email each time but the password step fills in automatically; it is a leisurely login process on the Choice backend.

There were a few weeks it kept me logged in, then for a time it at least remembered my email to make the login that bit easier. I doubt this is about cookies although they are most often what is happening in the general case.

Since ‘operation’ is constant across Firefox and Edge, both with different add-ons I am rightly or wrongly discounting add-ons in my main browser Firefox, with no add-ons in Edge.

In contrast my login status on the Community keeps me logged in as expected.

It could be interference with my AVs but one would think both Choice.com.au and Choice.Community would be using the same validation code. Are they?


I find that on the infrequent occassions that I visit the Choice website, that I am sometimes already logged on.

Most visits are to check if a Choice article is member only content before I link it in the Choice Community so I have to log out to ascertain that.

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Just went there again - asked me to login. It’s 5 steps for some odd reason - and took 47 seconds to log me back in.

No idea why it’s so bad these days.


Since the System update I’ve been sometimes logged-out of the forum for no apparent reason. Previously it would happen only when I cleared History, now it’s fine with that, but I can’t tell what triggers it.
It happened again in the last hour and just when I was getting ready to login to write this, it was logged-in as if by magic!


Lately I have been logged out of Choice.com.au too


Perhaps @BrendanMays or @jhook could pass this change in site behaviour, logging people out when it didn’t before, on to the relevant area?

Here’s a new wrinkle. On the top right of the bar it says “Hello”. If I click on it my options are My Account Details or Log Out. If I click on My Account Details, I am presented with a log in box.
If I do a search, I am asked to log in. So am I logged in or not?

When I logged out and back in, things returned to normal.

It would seem that there is a glitch in the system.


Just realised that none of my activity in the Forum shows up in my ‘History’ any more!
My device, or new ‘System’?

PS Choice.com.au does show on history.


Probably your device / your browser / your settings. Certainly my browser shows pages in this forum by the hundreds. Is showing now, even for recently accessed pages, and has always shown. So many that I manually purge them out.


Mine did too, I hesitated to ‘delete’ because that would log me out of the forum.
I recently updated my browser and Choice has had a System update as well. As this is the only website which doesn’t register in ‘History’, I’m wondering :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Deleting pages from history will not log you out of the forum.

Deleting entire browser state may well log you out of the forum.

We would need to know what browser and platform to be more specific.

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I use Chrome and whenever I delete any history, even just the past 1 hour, I am logged out of the Choice Community forum.

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When you do that, do you take the default with the checkboxes or do you override?

In the Basic tab it gives you three checkboxes, in the Advanced tab about 8.

If you take the default (leave everything ticked) then, yes, you will likely get logged out - because cookies and other essential browser state needed to maintain the login are deleted.

If you override and have only “Browsing history” ticked then you should be able to clear browsing history only while remaining logged in.

(Warning: I don’t normally use Chrome, for privacy reasons, so I have not tested the above.)


I leave it at the default so cookies and cached images also get cleaned out.

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