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KastKing Sharky 111 6000 Bait feeder reel test

For the last 2 fishing seasons I have been using the 3000 size KastKing Sharky 111 Reels . I was really happy with their performance but a change in terminal tackle found them wanting in casting distance . I decided to purchase their big brother , 2 of , and will be posting opinions on their performance etc over the coming months .

Due to the fact of their bigger spool I have gained 40 - 50 metres in casting distance . After speaking to one of the managers of Platypus Lines Queensland I decided to try out their Lo =stretch lines . I ordered 2 spools of 300 metres in 4KG breaking strain . I used Dacron backing and topped the reels off with the 300 metres of the Lo- Stretch .

I have fished the last seven days straight . First impressions . The extra casting distance of 6000 size has allowed me to catch fish each trip to the lake . The extra casting distance is paying dividends .

Very smooth reel in use and beautiful line lay on retrieve . Drags both front and back are easy to set and hold adjustment . The Lo= Stretch line compared to the Platypus Super 100 line I use on the Sharky 111 3000’s . It is a Copolymer Line which I like . Too early yet to see how it stands up . Am impressed so far .

The second picture shows my “Bait Bandit” friend . He is an Australian Top Knot Pigeon and he has thieving bait down to a fine art .

The first picture shows part of the lake we fish .

Cheers .Get out there and wet a line .

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08-10-2021 . Spent two hours down at the lake from 3 - 5 PM . Wind was gusting from the North West made fishing conditions difficult as per the photos , Very choppy . Jagged 2 fish but lost them on the retrieve in .

Reels performed ok and I was quite happy with their casting ability into the stiff wind . They are yet to be tested on anything weighing more than a Kilo . Their gearing at 5.5 to 1 should be about right for a 6000 size reel .

Impressed with the Platypus Lo-Stretch line . I’m running 4KG test and was really giving the line a belting into a stiff wind . No snap offs or wind knots occurred

Just watching the barometer and the wind direction . Might head down to wet a line if things keep improving .

Till next time stay safe .

Mike .


09 - 10 - 2021 Headed down the lake about 2 PM and stayed till 5 PM . Caught one fish . It was under a kilo . Had problems with both reels and am working through them with KastKIng .

Will keep you posted.


19-10-2021 Have forwarded video to KastKing , at their request , showing the fault that developed in one of the reels . Their responses have been prompt . Am now waiting to hear what action will be taken to correct the problem with the reel .


KastKing have just notified me that a new reel is on its way to replace the 6000 Bait feeder that had issues . Impressed with quick turn around . I sent them the video of the reels faults to their American office 2 days ago and they have , no questions asked , despatched a replacement reel



06 -11 - 2021 . Just an update on the KastKing situation . Still fishing regularly but have gone back to using my Australian Alvey reels . When the replacement 6000 KastKing arrives will test further .

The " wind knot " problem I had with the second 6000 may be an issue with these reels . KastKing’s latest newsletter addresses the issue of wind knots and goes into some detail how to prevent them . Seems strange as they market the reel with an " anti - twist " bail wire .

I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on that one .

I may have to use a thicker line . I’m using Platypus Lo - stretch 4KG . .23 mm diameter . I have some spools of 6KG at .28 mm diameter . Might respool and see how it goes .

Braid fishing line is much thinner than the given weight of mono filament line .My fishing buddy used Gossen braid at .11 mm . My KastKings are braid ready but the twist issue worries me . Will sort it out in due course .


Friday 26- 11 2021 . Knock on the door around 5.00 Pm . Parcel left in doorway with a brand new Sharky 111 6000 Bait feeder to replace the defective reel. Not bad service considering the pandemic has slowed deliveries up . Usually in these cases the defective reel must be returned . KastKing apparently , in my case anyway , did not require this . I just uploaded a video to my YouTube channel showing them that the reel was defective .

Will see how this reel goes in future posts .