KastKing Sharky 111 6000 Bait feeder reel test

For the last 2 fishing seasons I have been using the 3000 size KastKing Sharky 111 Reels . I was really happy with their performance but a change in terminal tackle found them wanting in casting distance . I decided to purchase their big brother , 2 of , and will be posting opinions on their performance etc over the coming months .

Due to the fact of their bigger spool I have gained 40 - 50 metres in casting distance . After speaking to one of the managers of Platypus Lines Queensland I decided to try out their Lo -stretch lines . I ordered 2 spools of 300 metres in 4KG breaking strain . I used Dacron backing and topped the reels off with the 300 metres of the Lo- Stretch .

I have fished the last seven days straight . First impressions . The extra casting distance of 6000 size has allowed me to catch fish each trip to the lake . The extra casting distance is paying dividends .

Very smooth reel in use and beautiful line lay on retrieve . Drags both front and back are easy to set and hold adjustment . The Lo- Stretch line compared to the Platypus Super 100 line I use on the Sharky 111 3000’s . It is a Copolymer Line which I like . Too early yet to see how it stands up . Am impressed so far .

The second picture shows my “Bait Bandit” friend . He is an Australian Top Knot Pigeon and he has thieving bait down to a fine art .

The first picture shows part of the lake we fish .

Cheers .Get out there and wet a line .

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08-10-2021 . Spent two hours down at the lake from 3 - 5 PM . Wind was gusting from the North West made fishing conditions difficult as per the photos , Very choppy . Jagged 2 fish but lost them on the retrieve in .

Reels performed ok and I was quite happy with their casting ability into the stiff wind . They are yet to be tested on anything weighing more than a Kilo . Their gearing at 5.5 to 1 should be about right for a 6000 size reel .

Impressed with the Platypus Lo-Stretch line . I’m running 4KG test and was really giving the line a belting into a stiff wind . No snap offs or wind knots occurred

Just watching the barometer and the wind direction . Might head down to wet a line if things keep improving .

Till next time stay safe .

Mike .


09 - 10 - 2021 Headed down the lake about 2 PM and stayed till 5 PM . Caught one fish . It was under a kilo . Had problems with both reels and am working through them with KastKIng .

Will keep you posted.


19-10-2021 Have forwarded video to KastKing , at their request , showing the fault that developed in one of the reels . Their responses have been prompt . Am now waiting to hear what action will be taken to correct the problem with the reel .


KastKing have just notified me that a new reel is on its way to replace the 6000 Bait feeder that had issues . Impressed with quick turn around . I sent them the video of the reels faults to their American office 2 days ago and they have , no questions asked , despatched a replacement reel



06 -11 - 2021 . Just an update on the KastKing situation . Still fishing regularly but have gone back to using my Australian Alvey reels . When the replacement 6000 KastKing arrives will test further .

The " wind knot " problem I had with the second 6000 may be an issue with these reels . KastKing’s latest newsletter addresses the issue of wind knots and goes into some detail how to prevent them . Seems strange as they market the reel with an " anti - twist " bail wire .

I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on that one .

I may have to use a thicker line . I’m using Platypus Lo - stretch 4KG . .23 mm diameter . I have some spools of 6KG at .28 mm diameter . Might respool and see how it goes .

Braid fishing line is much thinner than the given weight of mono filament line .My fishing buddy used Gossen braid at .11 mm . My KastKings are braid ready but the twist issue worries me . Will sort it out in due course .


Friday 26- 11 2021 . Knock on the door around 5.00 Pm . Parcel left in doorway with a brand new Sharky 111 6000 Bait feeder to replace the defective reel. Not bad service considering the pandemic has slowed deliveries up . Usually in these cases the defective reel must be returned . KastKing apparently , in my case anyway , did not require this . I just uploaded a video to my YouTube channel showing them that the reel was defective .

Will see how this reel goes in future posts .


09 -12-2021.

Finally I had a replacement reel for the KastKing 6000 which had failed . This time I decided to take a different approach to setting up the reels and rods .Too many fishing Mags , YouTube, Facebook and Intagram articles assume the user is an experienced fisho . I decided to go back to basics and explain how I set up a rod for line weight , casting weight and the type of fishing it suits . Somethings will be referenced to Google or to look up on YouTube whilst others I will give an in depth run down on the how’s and whys I fish using my methods in theses posts .

OK firstly the line I spooled the 6000’s with . For the last 4 years I have used Platypus Super 100 line and KastKIng leader line . Both nylon mono filament lines . Just by the by there are four types of line , nylon monofilament , copolymer line , Flourocarbon and Braid .

I use Copolymer line .At the moment I’m using Australian made Platypus Lo- Stretch . Why ? Because it is bloody good line . Half the price of the Platypus Super 100 and Platinum and where as I have had line memory issues with them the Lo - Stretch has virtually no memory .

Ok . Line weight . I’m casting out 40 -50 grm weight so common sense would dictate a line of at least 6 KG . Not for me .I’m using 4 KG . .25 mm . I use the English style over head cast . Rod held directly over head with the tip at about 30 degrees to the ground . I am a right hand caster . I pull the butt of the rod down hard with left hand and punch forward with the right . If you don’t hear a "whoosh " sound you have not got it right .In the right conditions you will easily cast over 100 metres easily. Google it up or check YouKnow for the correct technique . I do not use a shock leader of heavier weight line and it amazes me that the 4KG does not snap . AS I said a real good line . Cheap at half the price .

Ok we have spooled the reels up with 4 kg Lo - Stretch Copolymer . The rods I use are 13 ft , sorry for the Imperial measurement , tournament type quiver tip rods . Quiver tip means I can change the tip of the rod for casting or bite sensitivity . I run a medium stiff tip which is a good compromise . Remember this is my carp fishing gear . My surf and spinning set ups a whole different ball game . What I hope is that you can pick up some tips here to take across to other styles of fishing .

Part 2 : How to find your rods optimum casting weight to suit the reel you are using .Will post this part on the 12 - 12 - 2021


Part 2 : How to find the optimum casting weight of the rod you are using .

Most modern E glass or graphite rods cover a wide spectrum of casting weights …

.The rods I use are 3.9 metres long and have a casting range of 30 - 80 g

Some tackle shops have a jig which will let you know how the rod loads up for optimal cast weight .

What I do is weigh a group of sinkers , in this case 30 - 80 g . I weighed up roughly at 30 - 40 -45- 50 - 55 - 60 - 65 - 70 - 80 g weights .

I go down to a local footy oval on a day that is not too windy and measure a distance of 125 metres . I first cast the 45g on the first rod and it went over 100 metres . I jumped up to the 55 g weight and it did not cast as far . 50g went nearly as far as the 45g so I knew my optimal cast weight was between 45-50 g . I tested the second rod for similar results .

The sweet spot for casting on most rods is usually around the centre as quoted on the rods casting weight capacity .

You can buy specialist casting weights in all weights or make them up like I did by trimming sinkers down to near the desired weight .

Remember unless you have to add a heavier sinker , we will say , in a side swell when surf fishing or on a fast running tide extra weight will not mean extra distance . You will be lobbing the sinker not casting it .

Take some time to learn your gear to gain confidence with it . Have everything sorted before you hit that hot spot for fishing you have waited all year for holidays to fish . I go to the lake I fish and within 10 minutes I have bait in the water . Time wasted adjusting gear and tying terminal tackle is less time fishing .

One thing I am often asked is the knot I use to tie hooks and swivels with . I have found the Uniknot serves me well with mono filament and Copolymer Lines . There are tutorials on YouTube how to tie it . If you use Braid line there maybe better knots out there . I don’t use Braid line .


Due to the Health Department in Victoria warning of an increase in mosquito numbers due to the unseasonal rainfall over the last few months I will not be going to the lake at my usual times due to the mosquitos potential to infect with the Ross River Virus . I’ve had this virus before 20 years ago , catching it in Northern Victoria ,

My doctor tells me I may still have the anti bodies in my blood stream to fight it off but is not sure . The symptoms are Flu like for 2 weeks or so and then you feel very lethargic . I was a good 12 months recovering from it .

Because of this , and some personal reasons , will be cutting back on the fishing content until conditions become more favourable .


Finally got a few days in fishing . Spooled up the replacement 6000 and put it through its’ paces . One thing I had to adjust to after using the Sharky 111 3000 size is the faster retrieve . I was actually winding to hard and pulling the hook out of the fish’s mouth .

I actually took the 3000 Sharkys down to the Lake as I had mounted them on a couple of new Quiver tip Wilson rods . Still as smooth as before and the drag worked perfectly .

Will have to use both the 3000 and 6000 a while longer to really test their durability .

Over the years with spinning reels I have owned and fished Mitchell (French manufactured ) Fin Nor Ahab 8’s and 12’s ( US made and in my opinion the best spinning reel ever made ) Shimano Stradics and a Daiwa Black and Gold Series ( Legendary Reel )

How do the KastKing Sharky 111 bait feeders compare to these reels . I currently own and use a Fin Nor Ahab 8lb and a 12lb . They have not been made for over a decade and still bring $800 + on Ebay . If I fished the surf like I did in my younger days I would be taking the Fin Nors because of build quality and features I like in them . If I needed back up reels the KastKing would suit my needs .

I have gut hauled some big carp , 5kg + with the KastKings and had no problems . The 2 3000’s have performed faultlessly . I will be doing some lure casting for Flathead soon and will use one of them along with my KastKing Kodiak (great little reel but I think no longer available ) .

The tests on the Sharky 111 Baitfeeders will be on going . I live on the local Wetlands and there are lots of bodies of water I’m yet to fish . It is walking distance from my home .

If my health holds a few trips to the surf to really see what these KastKing 6000 's are made of .

Will keep you posted .


Unfortunately the EPA has closed down the lake I fish in temporarily due to the run off from a fire at a chemical works near Cherry Creek ,Altona . A large number of fish have died . I hope the rakali ( native water rats ) are ok as the lake had a healthy population of them .

With petrol over $2.00 a litre I will curtail my fishing for the time being as the other places I fish are some distance away and are generally over crowded . Often I have gone to them on a good night weather wise and can’t get a spot to park .

Wind knots continue to be an issue with the 6000 reels . I think an increase in line thickness might fix the problem.


Possibly a more significant event than the EPA has first assessed?

Environmental authorities believe about 12,000 to 13,000 litres of surfactant — a type of chemical often found in detergent or soap — was released into the waterways via stormwater drains.

For toxicology impacts the concentrations that can have impacts are not measured in grams per litre of water, or milligrams, but micrograms per litre, IE parts per billion in one litre of water.

Some background


I think the Lake will shut down for some time Mark . They were testing the water again today . Many dead fish and eels . It is also a bird sanctuary area so no doubt they will be affected .