John Boos & Company chopping board

Often when people visited my home I noticed they would comment on the chopping board that was on the bench top . The reason being that it was considerable bigger than the normal domestic board . Normal domestic I guess would range from 45 - 50cm’s x 30 -35 cm’s . The Boos board comes in at 61 cm x 46 cm’s or 2 foot by 18 inches in imperial .I originally used a chopping board manufactured by The Big Chop in Tasmania . Beautifully made out of native Aussie wood but at 50 x 34cm’s a bit small for the cooking I was doing . I used it for 2 years , gave it away and purchased the Boos .The Boos is made in America from hard rock maple . Had 8 years of daily use . I only cut and dice fruit and vegies on it . I’m a vegetarian as I said in the Mudial knife review. I do a lot of prepping of vegies and fruit for a varied diet . Easy board to look after .I don’t oil it or wax it . My routine is generally every couple of days scrub it with a stiff nylon brush dipped in the suds of dish washing liquid . Leave for 5-10 mins then wipe dry with paper towel . Earth’s Choice 2x Concentrate Orange seems to work for me . Had trouble finding any retailers that listed Boos Blocks but Peters of Kensington stock the 61 x 46 size .
They have a good online service . I purchased some Le Creuset items last week from them online . . A board of this size is not for everybody .The advantage of it is knife selection . I always felt that my 22cm Chef’s knife was too big for the 50 x 34 cm Big Chop board . With the Boos I don’t have that problem . I feel more in control of the knife . Each to his own though . Just Google any other info about the product and if your were to purchase one I’m sure you would not be disappointed .


As a chopping board I use the smooth underside of a 29 x 39 cm glass cheeseboard. It doesn’t need special maintenance–I just wash it in the sink–and 14 years of use have left it almost unmarked.

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Just be aware john.small, as the smooth side of your glass cheeseboard will quickly blunt your knife…

Cheers Natalie :slight_smile:

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