Jims Mowing never showed up

I contacted Jims Mowing to try to get my lawns mowed and their call centre told me the soonest the local franchise owner could call me was in 5 days. I decided to be patient and wait for them to call. On day 5 I called the franchise owner directly on his mobile, he took myaddress and said he would get back to me with a quote either that day or by the end of the week (it was Wednesday) A week later I called him and asked if he’d had the chance to get out there. He said he would that day. 4 days later he sent a text asking if I would like the lawns just mowed or grass taken away.
11 Days later I hadn’t heard anything and messaged him asking if he’d been out to do the lawns (I’m not living at the address) he said “he was behind on lawns atm and just servicing regulars”
And he’ll get them as soon as he can
That was 2 weeks ago and I have had not heard from them at all.
Ive phoned the call centre during this time and they have said there is no one else in the area available to do the lawns.
It has now been 9 weeks since Ive first contacted them and my lawns have grown so long it will be difficult to get anyone to do them.
It is annoying that they are advertising as a lawn mowing service when they are not available to mow lawns.


Not only that, they will charge more to do them and call it a cleanup. I used to get Jims, the first lot I had were excellent and then they got too busy so they passed me to someone else, who was also great… he also got too busy and then passed me to someone else who was snot so good, and so on, until all I had was a creepy guy who was unreliable and who kept trying to double charge me… I now have a private guy who just does lawns on the side, and who comes when he says he will. My advice, get someone local and stay well away from the chain companies/franchises.


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With such lack of engagement with a prospective customer it leads to wondering why anyone would preserve? If that franchisee was hired what kind of work would one expect? And thus why didn’t you move on?

FWIW whenever a service is provided through a franchise it might (or might not) be at top dollar since the franchisee pays the ‘brand owner’ money off the top against income in one way or another, while local independents do not have that overhead and survive by delivering good, economical service not a pretty logo with brand-name general advertising.


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It sounds like the local franchisee has too much work on to be bothered taking on another customer. Often tradies or service providers behave in similar ways when they aren’t interested in the work.

Try an independent local garden maintenance business. Either look in the Yellow pages or ask a neighbour/local friend who they use.

This won’t be an issue. The first mow to bring it under control may cost more than usual as it will take a little more time and effort. Any good mowing businesses will have the right equipment to do long grass.


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The way Jim’s work is that franchisees have first dibs on calls from their territory. If they can not do the work another franchisee from the surrounding territories is offered the work and once you are their customer, they get to keep you unless you call Jim’s and ask for someone else, or if that franchisee can no longer attend. This system works in larger urban areas, but not so good when there are less franchisees.

While I think that this poor response is unusual for Jim’s, with all your efforts at getting them out, I would not bother persuing them any longer.

I personally am an advocate for using local kids to do mowing. Ask around and see if anyone knows of a child that wants to earn a few dollars. This helps the kids learn the value of money, and helps develop their sense of responsibility and business accumen.

If you can’t find a local kid keep an eye out for other small local businesses cutting grass in your area. If you see someone doing a good job, ask them to come and quote for doing your home.


Worth looking in the local rag if there is still one for your area.

Nothing wrong with getting the neighbour to help out mowing the lawn.

It sounds as if the lawn in question is not a principle residence. It may be worth checking the insurance cover for that particular property to ensure exposure from injury to or caused by any person you use is managed. I always ask for a copy of the certificate of currency for the insurance held by any contractor.


Hi there so many trades people are unreliable. J had a guy visit me recently from a handyman place still haven’t heard back. Another family member had the same person and they did a good job. He actually came out to my place and check what things need fixing but it’s been a, while ago for me to. I tell you what be careful I am kind of unsure of lots of things now adays. Never know with so many scams going on. Only good thing is In no work had been completed. It’s really frustrating when you get told someone will turn up and doesn’t. Hope it goes well searching for a mower person

There is a previous topic regarding the rate a Jim’s Mowing Service operator tried to charge. It may hold some relevance to the discussion in this topic:


You are right, I have advertised the job on hipages now. It will probably cost extra since the grass is so long. Thanks for your help.


I did contact another independent company. He said he would get back to me with a quote after looking at size of property on satellite, I haven’t heard back from him either! I have tried calling. Must be busy in my area. :disappointed: Thanks for your help


I have thought about getting one of the boys next door but the grass is knee high out the back now and might be too difficult for him. I have advertised on hipages :crossed_fingers: thanks for your help




I agree it can be difficult getting trades people sometimes. Frustrating! Thanks for your help.


I did see that post, thanks


Never used Jim’s but have heard of similar issues with Jim’s mowing

Seems to me that they pick and choose which job pays more and stuff every one else

Dont think their busy.

Your yard isn’t large enough for them and would nt pay enough.

Like every thing these days tradies pick and choose where the $ 's are

There you go

Next time ask if it’s one or two workers?

In my unit block up to current the committee had chosen elegance gardening. When I have seen them mow they are the roughest and fastest can’t believe them. They are supposed to be using another contractor. They hardly even trim or prune trees. Goes to show time is money instead of quality.

We tried to get our usual lawn maintenance people in for a cut at the beginning of December and was told they were booked until February, so we said we’d find someone else. New bloke does a better job, is more punctual, and is a lot cheaper. Shop around. If you order a franchise owned service, you pay extra for them to use the franchised name. We just did a google search for grass cutting services near us and got a list to choose from.