JB HiFi returns policy satisfaction

Telstra 4GX Buzz Black Prepaid finally refused to charge. 364 days after purchase returned with complaint that it no longer charged. Was expecting return to factory for repair, but shop assistant checked and advised store policy money back or replacement. I happily took my money!


Yes, our family also had an excellent experience with the local JBHiFi store, when returning a fairly new TV set bought by the father-in-law. They assessed the TV set, and very quickly provided him with a brand new one. The service received was excellent. They will now receive repeat business from our family as a result. Thank you to our local JBHiFi store.


I have also had a number of excellent experiences with my local JB Hi-Fi store, including getting a refund “no questions asked” when I sought to return a three-month-old TV which had a number of minor problems but mostly with features many people would never use.

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JB hifi get 10/10 from me too! I bought a special online, it was delivered the thursday before Easter and it refused to charge. No matter which plug I tried, nada, nothing, no response to tell me it was alive so I emailed in the evening of Good Friday not expecting a reply until after the weekend. I reluctantly packed it up in its box and it sprang into life and hasn’t missed a beat since! The local store phoned first thing on the saturday and would have been happy to refund my money as they did not have this particular model in stock, or they would take it in part exchange for something else. They get my vote for prompt service!