JB HiFi and Harvey Norman

JB HiFi Hobart and Harvey Norman Burnie in Tasmania have both given us exceptional service in past few months. Couldn’t be happier with their assistance


We use both of these stores in Adelaide and would recommend them for their service. In most instances they will respond positively to requests for “a better price.”

JB are excellent, always helpful and knowledgeable. As a mature-age female, I am usually ignored by the males in Harvey Norman, and generally the female staff are behind the cash register or in homewares, but rarely in technology. Consequently I rarely buy!


I agree. I spend a lot of money at Harvey Normans in Mount Barker SA and their service is exceptional.

They even offer discounts without being asked. Great marketing!

Always remember that their staff (both stores) are paid commissions. Be wary if they are recommending an expensive product and be sure to ask what feature the expensive one has compared with the cheaper ones.

Totally agree… Here in Lismore NSW, I have been shopping with HN for many items. Always very good deals cheaper than on the other stores on the Internet …good PR. And above all no questions asked if we have to bring back an item.
I have no shares with them. Just good working relations.

JB HIFI Coffs Harbour is one of the most appalling shopping experiences I have ever had, if there not in groups chatting to each other they ignore by looking to be doing something on their computer or restocking. If you have the audacity to bother them don’t be surprised at a sense of condescension, poor product knowledge and constantly trying to upsell other add-ons or accessories, in fact the best experience is the door security person always polite and friendly. Don’t get me started on Warranty returns, if you have the misfortune to return anything under warranty they will try anything not to accept it and try to make you go elsewhere so they don’t have to do paperwork and the attitude if you say no and point out even their website says you can return it for warranty at place of purchase, they try to gang up by getting another colleague invoved to get you to go to some repair agent, which is the only time you will get that much customer service at JB HIFI Coffs Harbour. Just avoid.

I find JB HiFI good to deal with although the the newly opened store near me is a bit intransigent regarding prices . They are often $10 to $ 20 dearer than their sister stores on some items .Mainly appliances etc . Maybe as trade increases they will come into line price wise and offer discounts .