JB Hi Fi - Good and bad service experiences

Good Morning,
I bought an LG microwave online six months ago.
A few days ago it stopped working so i contacted the company and was advised to take it to a store for checking.
I took it to the store in Broadway, Sydney this morning. The staff were polite and professional.
After checking the receipt and logging the fault(no microwaves produced) i was offered a replacement or refund and chose a replacement. This was given to me and I was also given a $40 partial refund as the newer model is cheaper.
Great service all around!
Larry North


An example of a retailer doing the right thing.

JbHiFi knows customer service. That is why they are so sucessful.


Thanks for posting your experience.

The reality is that unhappy customers complain much more in every way than happy customers exclaim their delight. So it is good occasionally to hear a positive customer experience.


It is good to hear of somebody getting good service, however not everybody agrees with your generalisation.

FWIW Product Review rates them at 2.2 stars out of five. With 1859 of 3067 reviews being one star.


The irony is that product review site is reviewed as 2.2⭐/5 with 224 reviews. The site is usually heavily biased to only negative reviewers.


I don’t think unverified self-selected reviews are very scientific but there is more information.

Of the 184 rated appliance stores 133 get three or more stars and 107 get four or more out of five. This does not suggest a heavy bias towards negative reviews in that group.

There are 31 rated below JBHIFI and if my creaky brain is computing that would mean 152 above them. This hints that JBHIFI must be doing something a bit special. Maybe are all the biased people are down on them.

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Reading the latest pages of reviews offers some insight.

The most positive reviews commonly relate experiences with product replacements or exchange. Are JB HiFi staff delivering any more than ACL requires? Some 5 star reviewers were impressed with the response of the staff and business.

The negative typically one star reviews are more varied. Complaints concerning online order deliver are frequent. Another impression is a frequent lack of quality service in store or poor customer product advice/choices. Added to that are customers not happy with how the local store has respond to the customer when a product requires a warranty repair or replacement. Enough to balance out the 5 star reviews?

If there is a trend JB appear to be interested in other priorities. The previous acquisition of The Good Guys and JB HiFi having a presence in nearly every major shopping centre or site has few equals in consumer reach. Where JB HiFi is established outside major cities there are fewer options, especially for consumer technology products. Many consumers still need an in store experience to find their way around todays technology.

Personal experience of JB HiFi stores is the quality and product knowledge of the store staff varies considerably. Many know what a product claims on the outside of the packet. Lived experience of a product is always better. We try to avoid the last concern by looking to reviews, IE Choice and for tech any of the better known publications or websites. How well equiped the average consumer is to assess varies. One of our older family recently upgraded their mobile and laptop. Their older and lower cost Android (out of support) mobile was replaced with a larger format value priced current Samsung. The ancient Toshiba laptop was replaced with a reasonably priced Chromebook. A future and less painful experience of using both together.

An instance of one more urbanised Aussie living without a fixed phone and ignoring the NBN for a small added cost to their mobile data. Both were in store purchases. Whether it is a real benefit or perception, for some being able to walk back into the retailer with a faulty product or pay only when the goods are in hand adds value.


You’re not posting a review of reviews of a review site, are you?


Today i went in store to pick up a click amd collect order. Upon arrival i asked a, store member as previously i remember seeing a, sign up stating where click and collect orders could be collected from. Anyway i was told to go near where customers pay for goods. Strange i was, clearly told to stand to the side waiting for several minutes before no one served me. I waited for about 5 minutes before asking another person who looked like was, a, worker he, said go to the line and queue. Why the, first person did not just tell me line up on order. I’m not sure what they were thinking. It seemed utter confusion to me as previously a, sign clearly stated where to pick up online orders. I waited patiently it goes to show askong can help. Jist curious if anyone else has, had to ask more than 1 person to find out online orders. Itis, quite laughable. Maybe i should give feedback stating i had to ask 2,separate people to get directed to correct area.


I have moved your post to this existing topic which relates to your experience.


I purchased a Sony TV a little over three years ago from JBHIFI, it developed a major fault - the panel failed. Any reasonable person would expect the life of a $2500 TV to be closer to 10 years not 3 years.

I requested a refund under Australian Consumer Law (ACL) from JBHIFI Bendigo. JBHIFI Manager at Bendigo store has rejected my refund request.

How do you proceed to get what are your rights under ACL automatic guarantees?

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You can take your case to a CAT (Civil and Administrative Tribunal). Your CAT will be VCAT https://www.vcat.vic.gov.au/

In regards to Consumer Goods the link within the VCAT site may be of help to you.

You can also avail yourself of free consumer legal advice that all States and Territories have. We have a small list on this site to help users find a Consumer Law centre in their area Free Legal Advice Centres


You have rights under the Consumer Guarantees which are found in the Australian Consumer Law. One of these rights is that the goods be of an acceptable quality. Another is that you can ask the manufacturer to repair or replace the product within a reasonable period of time.

The question is really one of reasonableness. It may be that the court or VCAT determine that 3 years is not unreasonable for JB Hi Fi to be absolved, but not Sony.

Regardless, put your complaint in writing and keep records so that if you do go to VCAT or small claims court you have a paper trail.

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In relation to product life, Choice has published reasonable expectations …

For a midrange TV like Sony, a reasonable person can expect the TV to have a life of around 8 years before replacement is required.

This information is useful when making a claim under the ACL for a repair and/or refund.

In relation to responsibility for resolving a fault under the ACL, both the retailer and manufacturer are equally responsible. It is up to the consumer to determine whether the retailer or manufacturer is contacted when making claim under the ACL. This is irrespective of the time after purchase. Generally retailers are more approachable as they are handier to the consumer and can be contacted in person, by email or over the phone. Manufacturer’s are usually less approachable and usually are only contactable by phone or email/online webform.

Edit: It is also worth doing some checking online to see if the fault you have is common for your TV model. If it is and there is evidence it is the case, this helps support any claim as it indicates there is a common quality or manufacturing issue with the model of TV. Use such information in any claim.