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I have recently upgraded my Icloud settings and I am paying $ 1.49 p/month for 50GB storage. My itunes invoice shows that they bill me for $1.49 p/m but they debit me with an additional charge of $ 1.00 p/m , which is not shown on their invoice.
Now that is not a lot of money, but I would still like to know what this charge is for and I cannot find out from Itunes / Apple. I have tried several times to follow the procedures of their support feature, but it does not lead me anywhere and they do not show a practical way to contact them.
Why should I have to accept an extra charge which is not invoiced and not explained, even if it is only a small one?



Is this recurring? If it is the first time you have seen the $1 extra charge it is most likely a Payment Card Authorisation hold they have placed to verify the Card/Payment source. If it is a hold it will be reversed soon but it is up to your financial institution when this is done some are days others are weeks. See this on Apples site: How apps, content and subscriptions from Apple are billed – Apple Support (AU)

And you have every right to be. Send a letter to them complaining about the lack of support (Head Office in the USA is the best address).

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Thanks for your information. I am sure that you gave me the right explanation. Nevertheless I am still somehow cranky about the way Apple dodge any billing enquiries; countless times I ended up with:
e Support
We’re Sorry.

We are unable to complete your request at this time. Please try again or come back later.