It is time that our federal government ensured that manufacturers or suppliers comply with the Act instead of consumers being forced to take the offending organisation to the Local Court

Over the past 5 years I have had three companies that have ignored the Warranties Act with the result that I have so far had to take two into the Local Court to get any compensation. This is not only an imposition on the consumer but also wasteful of the Local Court’s time and resources. The first was Dux who supplied us with two heat pump hot water systems both of which leaked within 2-3 years and were quite expensive. The second was SteelLine roller doors where an operator failed in under 1,000 uses. I now have purchased two Prinetti Snack Sensations. The first failed at around 3 months just after we had purchased the second for our son (who didn’t want it). The failure was well handled by the supplier Cheap as Chips who replaced it without question with a new one. The replacement lasted just over 12 months (their stated warranty) when it became unsafe to use as the electrical supply cable outer sleeve hardened and cracked exposing the inner wires. So, not risking electrocution, I started using the other unit which failed after 5 uses. The Australian supplier of Prinetti appliances, Uncle Bills, have refused to do anything referring me back to Cheap as Chips who I have found no longer supply the Snack Sensation although they supply many other Prinetti appliances from Uncle Bills. Although they are a low cost item and the product, when working, is great, it pains me that two out of three units failed with little use at all and the third became unsafe a few weeks after the 12 months.


The reason Cheap as Chips may not be stocking them ,Prinetti Snack Sensation , is due to the high failure rate . It is a $19.00 item . Often with clam shell type units where you open and shut them often the wires will case harden and render the unit unsafe or inoperable due to wire breakage or insulation cracking …


Hi Mike, I suspect that this was the reason that Cheap as Chips don’t stock them any more but Uncle Bills deny this by writing to me " Please be advised it is rare to have 1 unit with an issue.
It is quite rare to have 2 or 3 with issues." which I took with a grain of salt :slight_smile: All they needed to do was to have a cable which either has a protective heat shielding sleeve or, better still, one that was made with silicone insulation. Ian


I suspect that Uncle Bill’s don’t market them anymore either, especially if they are a ‘junk’ type product as indicated by @vax2000.

It is a shame that businesses buy junk only to sell them one as a special buy or special deal. Prinetti Snack Sensation has only been available by such means.

I would be approaching Cheap as Chip asking for a refund, which you are entitled to under the Australian Consumer Law. Let them sort out who is ultimately responsible for the product.