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Issues with Printer @ HN



In April I bought a printer MPF Epson Workforce 2750 from Harvey Norman.

From the beginning I had troubles registering the WIFI with the printer. I would do one set of printing and 2 hours later would try another page or 2 of printing and the printer would not read the WIFI. Hence right from the start, I had reinstall the communication again and again between the Printer/WIFI/computer. It worked for a while. Then stopped.

Then I had to do some scanning of important documents. The printer would not do it.

I checked all drivers from Epson site and did an update…to no avail. Restarted computer and printer. Left it overnight…So, to do 3 page scan took me 2h to sort it…Still not working.

Exasperated, I too it back to HN and told them of my problems with the Epson.
Sales person/tech officer saying:
have to send it back to Epson…fair enough. But Epson tech services did not have IMAc to test it with. Well, if the MFP can’t be tested please refund or exchange… The guys could not exchange or refund, because the store was without a manager and he did not have the authority to do anything…It was suggested that I contacted Epson. I did.

5 emails down the track, and no problems fixed…I was told to ring. I did. The lady on the phone said she could not do anything and had to speak to her supervisor…another week or so and he is in Sydney. ( might be a few weeks to be resolved at this rate …My conclusion). I told her to give a time and date “SOON” she replied… I left the conversation totally flattened and annoyed.

Phoned back to HN…and got given the same spiel as the first time. No manager, no authority, the franchisee store had no one to deal with these issues and in the meantime I am stuck with no printer or a partially/spasmodically working/not working printer.:tired_face: He told me to bring it back and he was going to take it up with EPSON…How long am I meant to wait? How long should I be without a tool that I purchased to get some jobs done?

Any insight of what I could do?


Hi @pegi228,

You’ve been incredibly patient in my opinion, you shouldn’t have to wait so long to have the issue resolved. At this stage, you might be best summarising your complaint in writing (via email) to Harvey Normal and letitng them know you will be escalating the complaint to your local fair trading body unless they can resolve it quickly. You might need to call the store for their email if one isn’t readily available online.

Make sure to list of the details you’ve provided above and let them know tthgey are required to provide a remedy under the Australian Consumer Law. We have some templates that might also help. Also, point out they have 48 hours to provide a response indicating whether they will resolve the issue or not.

If they can’t resolve the issue or don’t respond, the next step is to contact your local government consumer affairs body and escalate the complaint. Let us know how you go, and good luck.


Thanks so much for these simple steps…and a good advice.

This is not the first time that I had to deal with defective Item. Ihad the same story with Ipad a few years back but stuck to my rights and got the issue resolved pretty fast.

I will take the Epson MFP back to HN Lismore and discuss it for the last time with the person "in charge"who is not in charge…LOL.
Will definitely keep you posted and thanks again for your help.


If you are a Choice member, this is another avenue to take if the above does not work:


Hey there, many thanks…Yes, I am a member and have been for the last umpteen years. I will have recourse to Choice Help if nothing eventuates from my talks on Friday.

I am also part of the board as I was nominated/asked to be part of it a few years back and I am extremely grateful to belong to such a vibrant community, so helpful and a whole bunch of experts out there serving the customers and standing for their rights.

I am glad to be able to participate in some discussions and give ideas to the best of my knowledge.