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Is this the most expensive breakfast you have seen at an Australian hotel?

In these days of COVID when we cannot travel far, I was looking at hotel deals nearby for a possible surprise for the wife woman.

I usually check out how much the charge is for breakfast. If it’s not too expensive it’s may be worth including so we don’t need to eat until dinner.

I chanced on this one, and was astounded at the cost.

(I did screen grabs as I scrolled down the page. There are some overlaps to show it is a continuation of the grab above.)

Now in case you missed it, under EXTRAS above is listed Breakfast for 2 or Breakfast buffet (on two mornings) as costing between $430 and $490!

Just to be sure it wasn’t something spectacular, I had a look at the (i) ‘more details’ below. It doesn’t enlighten me at all.

So the Room (1 King Bed, Balcony, Ocean View) would cost $598 for two nights, and the breakfast an additional $490 totalling $1,088.

Talk about rich food!


I assume it was unlimited caviar and Bollinger at those prices.


It is shown as a ‘special deal’. Very special indeed!


What a difference a year makes! :laughing:

JW Marriott Gold Coast Resort & Spa Questions & Answers
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“How much is the buffet breakfast? ”
over a year ago

Buffet breakfast is $39 on weekdays and $42 on weekends. When you book a room, you would need to ask for a breakfast package so that breakfast is included. There is a tram station near Marriott that can take you to Surfer’s Paradise (tram fare without a GoCard could be up to $6 one way but with Go Card can be $3 one way - I am not sure whether the hotel sells Go Card). In Surfer’s Paradise, of course, breakfast (not buffet) is cheaper.


You know, this could be just a stupid typo. Somebody just got a data entry amount wrong.


Quite right - that may be the explanation. How long do you give it before they notice and correct it?


Probable but it is still on them!

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I’m bored in locked down Melbourne. Might just send them a what the hell message or phone call. See what happens.


Unfortunately for them saying it’s a typo is inaccurate as they had at least two different $400+ prices listed on multiple rooms. So it wasn’t just one typo it was several.

Given the expensiveness of the accommodation I expected better quality controls.

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The prices shown on Wotif carry through to the hotel’s website, although it also includes some options with a significantly cheaper breakfast.

The special deal you have highlighted shows the bonuses as breakfast for 2 adults and 2 children under 12, although it is not clear how long you get to keep the children for.


Impossible - with the robust change process, approvals, review board - could never happen …

Oh, and :rofl:


Not likely.
Perhaps an endless ‘smashed’ $1 avocado on toast, and bottomless cup of that horrible black percolator ‘paint stripper’ coffee.

I’ll note that the walk up all you can eat breakfast (guests pricing the last few times we stayed in a Sydney hotel in 2019) was over the $40 per head mark. The $60+ per head for the Gold Coast reflects it’s special status in the minds of those who promote the destination as family friendly fun. The Marriott is not the average Gold Coast cheapie though.

It pays to shop around, although in this example the cheap breakfast is accompanied by a not so cheap room rate. It is a Villa on the edge of the Noosa National Park as compensation.


Can’t think of a food expensive enough, even crayfish!

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A bit over my head - all I want is a croissant and a coffee!

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If I had to keep the children, I’d want a discount.
And free breakfast for life … :roll_eyes:


Have you called them to find out what is going on? You might get an actual good deal for letting them know!


Out of curiosity, I had a look on their website at prices for two people a week before the dates I originally looked at, and the the prices show are DOUBLE what is shown in my original post.

So thanks for the suggestion but at the prices they charge only in my dreams could I afford to stay there - even with a significant discount. :yawning_face: :bed:


I know how you feel. They need to make money but at what cost? It’s not like you’re an influencer wanting free for exposure.

Drives me nuts.