Is there an archivist or librarian among us in this Community?

Hi everyone, we have a great deal of dated CHOICE material ranging from news clippings, to files of old stories, to files of campaigns - large and small. We would like to find an archivist/librarian who can help us sort the ‘trash’ from the ‘treasure’. If you know of a Sydney-based archivist (or are one!), we’d love to hear from you. Just drop a note in this topic and we’ll come back you


My wife and I are librarians. I don’t have any time for this, but my wife should have spare time to help.


I should also be able to help. I have been a librarian for both a library and an Orchestra, and was also a storeman in a very large well known organisation for 13 years.


Sorry, am a librarian but in Brisbane.

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Dear Choice, this is good to hear. Unfortunately I live in Darwin - the logistics are a bit daunting. Bill Craig.

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Thanks for thinking of us Bill.