Is the Nespresso Vertuo Next coffee pod machine a lemon?

I purchased my third Nespresso coffee pod machine in July 2022 from Nespresso Australia online. This was the Vertuo Next Solo, and I bought it a few short months after the model was released. My previous two machines (the Nespresso Inissia model) had lasted several years each, and gave me no problems. One of the deciding factors in going for the Vertuo Next was that CHOICE had given the new model a good review. I bet it would fail the CHOICE experts test now though if the judges had to use it over a few months. It’s a lemon IMO.

To explain, I’m the sort of nerd who always reads manuals, lodges the warranty and sets gadgets up according to the manufacturer‘s instructions. So, as one of the first things Nespresso Vertuo Next Solo purchasers are asked to do is to download the app, I did as I was told. Nespresso says that the app provides more detailed information than the fairly limited paper manual when it comes to setting up the machine, making a brew, setting a timer, problem-solving, etc, I thought it was worthwhile downloading and syncing my new machine to the app because it can allegedly “read” when it needs descaling and alert users, or suggest a remedy if an error is detected.

Well, the first problem was that the app wouldn’t sync with my new machine. I called Nespresso and spoke to a very honest staff member with a Kiwi accent, who explained that at that early stage (and I’m taking about July 2022) the app really didn’t work very wel Downunder, and in fact, she had not been able to sync her own virtuoso next solo at home. It was a known problem at Nespresso she told me, and advised me to give up trying to sync the Nespresso app with my new machine.

The next problem was that the machine would start flashed madly every now and again and refuse to brew a cuppa. Unplugging it from electricity didn’t help. Cleaning and descaling didn’t help. I tried every suggestion in the manual. Didn’t help. It was pot luck as to when it felt like working. I bought a jar of Moccona to feed the addiction.

Within a few weeks, I had a far more serious problem though. The sliding lock mechanism became almost impossible to turn and lock, meaning the machine just would not work for safety reasons (I guess). I followed all the instructions, and several others all tried to wrestle with my mad machine. There was no grating sound and nothing visible to explain why it would no longer slide shut. The Nespresso “how to” videos makes it look as though the thing should glide effortlessly clockwise.

I started looking up reviews on the Internet to see if I was the only one with this problem. Oh no. Many many other owners did, as well as additional problems with the Virtua Next, such as leaking which mine did not.

I went into a Nespresso store and a staff member told me that there had been a “batch” of Vertuo Next machines which were lemons, but that they were ok now.

If that was the case, why weren’t the machines in that “batch” recalled? I had bought it from Nespresso, not a third party seller, so shouldn’t I have been contacted? It was less than 12 months since I bought it. No reply.

I called Nespresso and explained that the locking mechanism was too stiff to slide into the lock position, so a coffee could simply not be made. She told me to go through the usual steps to make a coffee whilst she was on the phone. I did so, but when I told her (again) that it wouldn’t make a coffee because it wouldn’t lock, and that I already knew that this was a worldwide problem other owners had experienced, she didn’t bother with the pretence of trying to make this a user problem. As my machine was well within the two year warranty period, the staff member said that if I returned the machine at Nespresso’s expense, they would give me a replacement. In fact, I had expected to be told, as other owners allegedly had been, that my machine would need to go back to be fixed, but Nespresso must’ve finally got the message that the Vertuo Next is a dud.

The staff member told me that the two year warranty would not be extended however to commence from the receipt of the replacement machine. Is that right do you think??

I returned the machine, received another Vertuo Next only this week, and…it started flashing more orange and white lights than an ambulance. When I tried to make only my third cup of coffee (this morning), the locking mechanism was almost impossible to slide shut. Guess I’ll be making another call to Nespresso! This time though I want to ask for a different model machine. I have no faith in the Vertuo Next.

I would like to hear from other members about what I can do if Nespresso refuses to a) replace this second Vertuo Next machine at all, or b) refuses to replace it with a different Nespresso model?
Thank you all

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It does sound like you have a faulty product.

It is right. Manufacturer warranty and consumer guarantee starts from the date of purchase, irrespective of whether a product is repaired or replaced.

This is why keeping the proof of purchase is important when making a warranty claim or claim under the Australian Consumer Law.

A way around this is if it is a major fault and product can’t be repaired, is to ask for a refund. Then use the refund monies to go and buy a new one. On purchase of the replacement product, the warranty/consumer guarantee period starts again from the date of buying the replacement. A downside of this approach is the product could be more expensive buying it the second time around.

As it appears to be a major fault, under the Australian Consumer Law you can ask for a refund (for the reasons outlined above and which you have a right to do for a major fault). The refund is that you paid for the Vertuo Next Solo, which is shown on your proof of purchase.

If you want to purchase a replacement coffee pod machine, do your research and buy a new one to get the full manufacturer’s warranty.


Thank you very much indeed.