Is the Furbo just an expensive pet security camera?

The Furbo is a security camera that feeds your pet treats on your command through your smartphone. We had a look at how it performs and whether it’s worth the $359 price tag :dog2:


Top of mind for a device that purports to be a security camera is … does it increase or decrease your security?

Does it have any significant security flaws?
Can it be remotely subverted? Has it been subverted?
Does it phone home?
Does it rely on any central servers? (Yes)

Since it seemingly relies on an associated smartphone, those same questions apply to the smartphone.
Those same questions apply to the central servers.

The problem is that it is difficult to impossible to answer these questions.

If your priority is your pet then you may be prepared to overlook all these questions but in that case there are a lot cheaper automated pet feeders available.

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I am speechless and the question is why…there seems to be a lot of companies trying to solve (make?) first world problems.

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… indeed! with that, and self rocking bassinets, what next? Kidbo to feed the kids? If ‘we’ work it right, we might never have to endure having to actually deal face to face with pets or kids! a much less soul destroying solution than actually making a sensible decision about whether one has time for either :rofl:


I hope you have patented that thought…

looks like it may be too late…


I think I’m too late for lots of things … some of these trains I’m glad I’ve missed …


For heavy chewers this is just an expensive Kong :rofl:


’ Furbo’ is an Italian word which translates into English as Sly, ( also: cunning, crafty, tricky, artful).
Trick our best friends into thinking there’s someone with them at all times?

Worried that if getting an alert about their pet by mobile phone while driving, very few people would resist not picking up.