Is pay per view PPV just not viable for business?

Is pay per view for News & possibly many other media just not viable for the business? Choice used to offer it didn’t they (though I think the $5 charge was/is perceived as excessive)? Did a check on some random reviews & don’t think it is there anymore.

Find a link to a news article in an aggregator of some sort - Google news/FB, whatever, to follow & of course hit a subscription pay wall. errghh I get news from many many sources; I am not subscribing to a service just to view the odd occasional article. So I miss out & as they don’t have a reasonable PPV, they miss out… ?


Think about it.
Would a business want to handle the overheads of ad-hoc view of specific articles or specific views, or just sign up subscribers once?
I know what I would be looking for as a business.

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They can keep their subscription model, but also offer ad-hoc micro payments. Maybe people will go for it; maybe they won’t. I know I’d prefer to start with individual articles until I realise I’ve read enough of them to warrant a subscription