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Is National Geographic loosing it’s credibility?


Memories of the shelves of informed articles and documentaries with National Geographic branding would seem to support it is a reliable and newsworthy resource.

One example suggests that is no longer true, NG has joined the long line of enterprises putting the dollar ahead of all else.

In one report published in Jan 2017 and still supported on other NG weblinks.

It is illegal in WA to possess more than 50kg of potatoes, amongst other less creditable bits of click bait.

Supposedly dressed up as myth busting, the NG has failed to check it’s facts. The law was repealed in Sept the previous year, a fact not revealex by the NG reporter.

A very recent NG web link is still playing the same hyped up headline.

It’s a dizzy slope. What next - real film footage of lemmings jumping off cliffs into the sea? At least the latest article awards gold to the home state!

Is there redemption or has National Geographic genuinely lost its status as a reliable and credible resource.


This may answer your curiosity, if you were not aware.


And now Murdoch & Co want prorection from Google & Facebook.


Well that looks like a short story.

There is probably little milage in discussing the corollary, ‘has the National Geographic brand enhanced the credibility of Fox and R Murdoch”?

And thanks, the penny hadn’t dropped, although it may have briefly at the time. I won’t tell the neighbours though. Fox is a beacon and Murdoch ethereal for many, and miracles do happen! It may likely reinforce the thinking. [tongue firmly in cheek, political innuendo optional]

Some things change slowly in the Sunshine State.


National Geographic is dropping its Genographic project. An important science project which has been giving us insights into the journey of Homo sapiens. I think that is a good indication of where NG is going. I cancelled my subscription the minute I heard Murdoch had bought it.