Is it true? Vegans Have Twice As Many Sick Days

An article regarding the results of the annual Fisherman’s Friend survey in the UK which found that vegans have twice as many sick days as meat eaters.

As Sam Neal used to say in the meat & livestock TV ads. “Meat. We were meant to eat it”.

And they prefer to eat their prey alive. The stuff of horror movies.


When faced with this sort of headline, I first consider the source. The study in question has been promoted almost exclusively in Murdoch media.

The survey was reportedly funded by the Fisherman’s Friend company. They make cough lollies. Survey data have not been published. The number of participants is reported as 1,000. Vegans are said to make up 1% of the UK population, so conclusions are based on about 10 people. The study has not been subjected to peer review.

In short, avoid posting anything from News Limited or Nine news. If it’s real, then other sources will pick it up. Post those links instead.


I thought this might be a good one for our new ‘Is it true?’ category. Let’s put the facts to the test :+1: