Is it time for a new Shadow Shopper Review

When looking at the host of retailers and how they are measuring up customer service wise I came upon the 2014 Shadow Shopping review conducted by CHOICE.

In light of the changing marketplace and the effects COVID etc are having on both our Shopping habits and the service we receive is it possible for CHOICE to conduct a more up to date review, perhaps even encompassing the delivery service we receive?


I think that Choice did a member survey in the past 12 months or so asking if members would participate in mystery shopping exercises but I have so many emails from them, I cannot find it.


And include Australia Post - online shopping is still on the rise, and some of the delivery costs are prohibitive…


Online shop should be considered; I use it a lot now not just because its ‘safer’ but because my needs have become more esoteric and can’t be satisfied FtF. Make of that what you will…
The levels of service range from excellent/beyond belief to whydidIbotherwiththeseidiots.
It hasn’t quite reached the point that I’d buy a car online, but we’re close…