Is buying organic with Aussie Farmers Direct a lottery?

I used to buy a lot of my fresh organic produce online from Aussie Farmers Direct, until they started delivering some of it in plain, unmarked plastic bags. When I complained via the online chat that I thought I had been given regular instead of organic produce and wanted a refund, they eventually got a manager to call me. He explained that all their organic produce was stored separately from the other produce etc etc… to reassure me that they followed all the correct guidelines. It all sounded fine, but my concern was that I had no way of knowing that they had DELIVERED organic produce. After all, I’ve had non-organic eggs delivered when I ordered organic, and the only way I could tell there had been a mistake was because the eggs were in a labelled box! He said they’d look into labelling the plain bags to reassure customers like myself, but no change was implemented over the following weeks. So I began an email correspondence with AFD on the same subject. Once again I was reassured that they followed all the required guidelines for handling organic produce, but they refused to acknowledge that because there were frequent delivery errors, customers had no way of knowing whether they’d received what they’d paid for. After two emails they just ignored me, so now I only buy packaged organic products from them, such as eggs and cheese, and claim a refund when they get it wrong (which isn’t infrequent).

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I stopped buying from them when, having ordered a large box of MY choices, I was also sent the routine box - charged for both, and hence had some expensive waste products. I am lucky to have a few organic sources not far away (Baxter organic veg. farm - you can order a a box of suitable size, which they will fill with what is availabe, or go down and pick your own items and pay slightly more. They also sell at Mornington on Wednesdays too I believe.

I just head to my local Woolworths - they have quite a good selection of fresh organic produce which is cheaper than Aussie Farmers Direct.

christyk that seems a slightly strange wording of your subject heading - and interesting that your next post directs us straight to your friendly Woolworths…

It sounds like you’re suggesting I have connections with Woolworths (and ‘friendly’ is your word, not mine). In which case, I must have set up margaret.conyers to make her comment so that I could reply to it. My subject heading reflects my confusion about shopping with a company that refuses to do a simple thing, such as labelling their products, in order to reassure customers they’re getting what they pay for. So do you work for AFD? :smiley:

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