IQ Test Scam?

Whilst I was reading an article on the Google News website today, an ad was displayed for an IQ test without any mention of a charge for same.

After I completed it and clicked on the “results” button, it wanted a payment of $19.99 to provide them.

Perhaps the test is really to see if people are dumb enough to pay them.

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The contents of the Brain Metrics Initiative Contact Page:

Send us your questions, feedback, proposals or enquires

Your Name


Your Proffession (Optional)

Your Subject

Your Message

There is NO contact information to get in touch with them. Also, please note their spelling of ‘profession’ is not very professional.

I would file this under ‘highly suspicious’.


Yes. It did seem suspicious.

About 15 years ago I completed a Pickle IQ test which stated it was free and it asked for my email.

After completing it, my results were displayed without any request for a payment, but they did then offer a detailed analysis for a payment.

When I did not take up the offer, they responded with an email which advised that they would provide an analysis of my results for free due to my high score, which they did.

A vastly different experience to today’s one.


Nah. If you think a 10 minute test on the internet will give you an accurate IQ assessment then you don’t need to waste the 10 minutes, the answer is plain.


@Fred123, The internet is full of unsafe places and tricks or scams.
Thanks for sharing your daring and experience here.

Hopefully none of us go quite this far when taking risks.
Arguably Col John P Strapp was one of the world’s first living crash test dummies.

We often add to our learning through the selflessness of others.


cruel but fair :slight_smile: as they say … I guess there is a reason they say curiosity killed the cat, thank goodness we aren’t cats or we’d have amused ourselves to death many generations ago, according to ‘Roger’ …


Another online IQ test which is nothing like normal IQ tests I have seen.

It is obviously aimed at US residents as many of the questions are about general knowledge of the USA.

I guess that considering the average US resident’s woeful lack of general knowledge, it may well be appropriate.

When we first visited the US in 1993, no one could answer any questions regarding species of trees, birds and the like.

A reception clerk in LA asked me if I was German based on my accent. He obviously did not know the difference between Australia, Austria and Germany.

The Filipino lady who drove us to and from Disneyland fairly accurately summed up the average US resident as knowing only 3 things.

What the local weather is like, what the traffic is like on the route they take, and how their team is doing.

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