iPhone rejecting aftermarket charging cables

This weekend I plugged in my iPhone to a new-ish working aftermarket cable (one I only purchased a month ago to replace a frayed cable) and my phone rejected the cable with a message saying the cable “wasn’t supported”. I’m using the original plug, with a new cable. I just updated my iOs to the newest version, so I’m assuming this is why. My car charger (which I bought at JBHiFi) hasn’t been affected.

Has anyone else had the same experience?


hi @TillySouth.
I don’t have this situation, but have heard from people that this has happened to starting with the iPhone 6 models.
One person who was most annoyed (and complained long & hard) about it had tried multiple (new & old) after-market cables all of which failed. They then bought a genuine cable, & it worked. Apparently the Apple store confirmed to them that this was normal with the 6.

This happens sometimes with my 6. I have a couple of non genuine chargers, and sometimes it will work on Wednesday with one but not on Thursday etc. and then back to working. Very fickle and frustrating. Especially since apple chargers get frayed so quickly and are very expensive to replace.

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There are ‘Apple approved’ cables that are cheaper and work well. For example, Kogan cables can be bought in bulk, ie 3 pack, and are relatively cheaper.

2 iPhone 6’s in the house, and all ok.

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I have had this problem with my 6 plus after one of the updates quite awhile ago… Very annoying!

Buy and use an Android phone to avoid this.

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Had same issue with imported non-genuine charging cable for iPhone…message appears, but the phone still charges!!

Sorry, going to be the contentious one here.

We are talking electricity and batteries. Why would you risk your phone (expensive), or worse you property or safety with uncertified after market cables.

The whole Apple product range is based upon tested, consistent experience. That is why apple sell chips that are built into cables by non-apple manufacturers that meet Apple’s safety and design standards.
There are so many approved and affordable products on the market, there is just no sense in buying one that isn’t.

To the people that reply with the inane “Get an Android instead”, seriously is that your position when we consider that more than one, and certainly a very recent public original device explodes.

Apple design - aesthetically, mechanically and electronically - is superior. Don’t cheapen it by saving $3 on a charging cable.

I’ll have to look harder, as I don’t recall seeing any certification notices on Apple cables.

hope this helps everyone identify the legitimate cables (since Apple own the Lightning plug standard):

Hi @shane

Thank you for the link. What that content talks about is Apple’s identification on products. It is clearly about copyright and trademark, which is a business issue. There is no information about such things as electrical certification or copper cable certification standards.

International standard certifications which include benchmark testing include SAI global, ISO, IEC, ANSI, TIA, EIA etc.

Have a look at a modem or a computer, and check out the power cable or any good Cat 4-6 cables. They should have the appropriate standards (see previous paragraph) printed on the cable sheathing.

I do not remember seeing any such certification on the cables or on the packaging that came with my older iPhone, though I could be wrong about the packaging. This may be because the iPhone power cables do not fall within the requirements of these standards. I just don’t know.

Therefore, I would suggest that the ‘genuine’ Apple power cables in question are NOT certified in the way that these cables could/should be, and are therefore no better than after-market power cables in this respect.

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Please then explain why 2 posters, a CHOICE staff included, referenced frayed Apple cables. Superior? Or high priced because they can, ordinary, and built for obsolescence?

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I find that the Apple branded cables are both highly overpriced and very poor quality. We’ve been through quite a few of them due to them wearing out quite easily from regular use, ie, plugging them in and then disconnecting them from the device. Apple then make it so that 3rd party cables no longer work, and we used to get cheaper ones that were reinforced and would last a lot longer. If Apple is going to dictate that we have to use their own branded cables and purchase them at a highly inflated price then surely they’re breaking some law by making sure their cables are such low quality that you have to keep forking out an arm and a leg to purchase a new one multiple times a year. If not, then there should be laws to prevent this extortion from being allowed. Yes, I can always buy an android phone or a different brand of tablet computer, but when I originally made our purchases, this wasn’t an issue.


It’s standard Apple practice to try and force you to pay more for their products, forcing you to do it their way. Apple are all about limiting consumer freedom and choice. The conduct should be illegal (actually it might contravene the CCA).