Invitation: participate in customer research activity in Sydney

Hi CHOICE Community,

At CHOICE we work to improve the lives of Australian consumers. To enable us to do this now and in the future, we’d like to invite you to participate in a face-to-face interview and research activity. We want to learn how our products and advocacy programs can best help you.

Session duration: 1 hour
Incentive: $100 cash
Location: CHOICE, 57 Carrington Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204
Note: you have to be able to travel to our office at your own cost.

Please register your interest to take part by answering this short survey:


I would love to help but the $100 is a bit short of a return airfare from Cairns.



Yeah, it’s probably only suitable for those in or around the Sydney area. Apologies!


There have long been claims Australia really means Sydney, and ‘the rest’ is believed to have been long since eaten in a Steven King novel, to periodically reappear to the amazement of those in charge.


Firstly, I do appreciate the great work of Choice and all the staff.

Hopefully “in the future” you are able to take this on the road so to speak, to develop a broader understanding.

If you might like to consider?
Having lived and worked in many different parts of Australia from Central Sydney to far NW Qld and beyond! I suspect many consumer concerns are widely shared. However the priorities, the solutions and impacts will vary across the differences between communities. Greatly in my singular experience. I should only need to mention the NBN and mobile vs fixed copper phone line services to start that one off. Delivery of warranty and consumer support services might be another, while shopping around for the best price can be simplified, to shopping around to find the product, any product! We were part of a 1990’s cohort that typically purchased only the Choice recommended product. Next trip to town, the mag in hand, it was a race to get to the two only stores, hope they had stock and write the cheque, price never negotiable, before running to the next mission, all before the shops shut down for the weekend at noon on Saturday! We have Improved a little since then fortunately?

Is there any reason why Choice would not facilitate the proposal using the promised wonders of super fast broadband and Skype etc. The NBN rat is still up the road chewing on our copper phone cables in the hope his mate toad can finish the cell alignment on our newly erected NBN FW tower. However with a rod aerial on the gutter Telstra 4GX does deliver broadband at better than 25Mbps, so Skype etc should work for us. Or I could use Optus and the iMessage FaceTime App, only from a different window. We had no issues with Skype in Japan, other than speedtest putting an extra zero on the connection speed. We were slightly concerned the iPad might ignite due to the extra speed, but all was ok. :wink:

Yes, I know 40% of Australians live in just Sydney and Melbourne, or some where around 60% plus if you add Brisbane, Perth and The Bubble. At best just doing greater Sydney is a bit like a toothpaste add where, “2 out of 10 dentists recommend”? :smile:

I’m sure the $100 would cover the extra data. I’d even come to Sydney at my own cost if need be to make sure that you could say “2.00001 out of 10 dentists recommend”, noting I’m no dentist. And you pick a firm date that allows such planning to go and cuddle the immediate family who live in and nearby! Skype would probably be far more convenient. Come on. It is the 21st century, well perhaps not in our part of Wild. Now where I’d leave my flying car? I left it parked next to that pig with wings. :rofl:

What really matters?

Perhaps, on that note, Choice should target consumers in the 23 Qld Federal electorates who voted in LNP members last election. They seem to have all the attention momentarily. Or will Stephen King offer us all a twist and see the 23 disappear in a biblically inspired event, similar in wonder to their appearance?


Thank you everyone for your replies to this - yep, it’s definitely only suitable for people in Sydney, probably even inner Sydney because it’s held at CHOICE in Marrickville.

We are looking to have more phone and video chat activities in the future to speak to more people and in different locations as well. It makes perfect sense.

On this occasion we didn’t get it all set up in time (it’s quite short notice!), so apologies again this is Sydney-based people only.


… like a Brigadoon meets the Langoliers …


I would like to add my vote in support of future phone/video chats; so we non Sydney-sider country folks don’t feel neglected.