Inversion table

Can anyone offer advice on the topic of inversion tables. (For bad back’s)
I had one many years ago & need to purchase another
Any info on a good make or even what not to buy etc. would be appreciated.


Can highly recommend the iControl that I bought from Orbit fitness, was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but was so much more comfortable than other ones I tried out. It was replacing one I’d had for a few years that had come from Big W.

I also like the fact that it can be locked into any inverted position between 90 and 180 degrees, with the flip of a lever

Search on the internet for local places that sell them and try them out, they can feel quite different. I tried one called the Teeter, supposedly the be all and end all of tables. It was torture. Orbit let me hang on the iControl for ages while I made up my mind, I tried it in different positions including 180degrees.


Thank You PennyC, Great feed back & really appreciated.


“Bad backs” have many causes and take many forms.
Inversion tables may help some people with some conditions.
However your best bet would be to discuss the problem and possible solutions anew with a physiotherapist or sports masseur.

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You’re not wrong Keith, I’ve spent 50 odd years with “back issues” including a couple of operations etc
It was after consults of my physio that I should return again (after a 15yr break) to going “upside down” again :man_shrugging::upside_down_face:

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