Internet download speeds

Has anyone had this problem with their internet provider – the speed of the service deteriorates to a low level. Then hey presto when you complain they refresh your line back to normal speed level. Or is this only iprimus?


We are with Optus and were told we were getting an improved service on July 6th. Sadly it is even poorer than before. We are in an area not even a twinkle in the NBN’s eye. I have boosted my monthly phone GB and find I am having to use it for mail and WhatsApp as the wifi with unlimited download is just not working adequately and I often have to turn it off if sending a reasonably urgent message. And yes, when we contact Optus it goes up to an amazing 13mbps but back to 2-3 soon after we hang up from talking with them. This means, for example, that it took overnight, probably about 12-14 hours, to download a 6 part TV show I purchased from iTunes.

I have repeatedly complained about the reduced speed and get the response it must be your modem, if it’s the modem why does it miraculously rectify the speed after complaining.
Can anyone recommend a provider where this does not happen.

Hey guys,

Unfortunately it’s a bit more complicated - if the problem’s with the copper in your street, you’ll get the same no matter what internet service provider you’re with, but equally some providers do have their own equipment inside the exchanges and could potentially get you a better service.

It all comes down to what the problem is exactly - there could be a range of things.

Re: your ISPs being able to activate a better speed for a while, they can change profiles, but they have risks depending on the copper you’re on. For example, they might be able to switch to a higher speed profile, but it be more unreliable (drop-outs, etc) because of the state of the copper.

My suggestion is speak to your nearby neighbours and ask if you can perform a speedtest ( ) on their network to see if their ISP is any better.


With regard to ADSL broadband I have had recent experience with faulty line filters causing electrical noise on the phone line which chopped internet speeds.
If you are using a old line filter it may be worth the couple of dollars to replace it, I did and it made a huge difference.


I have iprimus for 14 years. My ADSL2+ has been very stable for years now, connection at 10+Mbps which is in keeping with my distance from the exchange. Weather will cause a short term deterioration because of my local copper. Modems will reduce speed to try to maintain a stable connection, but often don’t recover full speed until they have to connect again. When your speed drops try rebooting the modem, or do a manual disconnect-connect and see how you go. If iprimus responds to your complaints by disabling-re-enabling your line, that forces your modem to do a reconnect.

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Thanks for the advice I will bear in mind what you have said. Regards Bryan

Thanks for the advice, I will buy a couple of filters and see how it goes. Regards Bryan

Unfortunately my speed dropped to 150 Kbps according to the speed test, I will buy a new modem and in line filters and if that does not improve the situation I will be looking for a new internet provider. Thanks Bryan

150kbps is clearly out of spec and unacceptable. While you are shopping for a modem, check if yours has an SNR (signal-noise-ratio) setting. If it does, try changing it up and down a step at a time to see if that helps. You usually have to reboot the modem after each change.

Look for that setting in your choice of a new modem. My older model Billion has it in a hidden page I discovered via Some modems have it in a regular user menu. Your modem will also report what it “sees” as your copper line quality (the metrics referenced in the forum).

We too have had download speed problems, however, we have now been advised by NBN that it is available at our address, however, when we investigated the NBN plan through our ISP, the cost to us would be $20 per month to increase our current speeds around 5 times. We currently have 4.50mps download and, for us, at this time, it is not necessary to fork out the extra $20 pm, as we are retired. We are hoping that in 6 months time, when our current plan expires, the cost might be less pm - we’ll see.

Having the same problem with speeds, we are with MyNetFone who use Optus. As soon as I complain (download speed of 1.27Mbs) I am told no fault found BUT the speed becomes 12Mbs within a few minuets. Happend 4 times so far. We are paying for 25 Mbs so this sounds like fraud to me.
Just going to test again, I use, and see if it is back to reasonable speed agian from 4.2Mbs

My service seems to deteriorate to a rediculously slow speed then as you say when you complain it miraculously jumps back. I have given up on streaming programs through my TV on Freeview because the wireless can’t keep up.

On a related matter older modems have a slow wifi transmission rate, and if you have a fast internet connection to your home but a slow old wifi transmitter/modem your internet speed will be only as fast as the wifi allows.
You should only do speed checks with the computer or device connected directly to the modem with a cat5 cable, then if inadequate complain to your provider if it is OK when hard wired then upgrade to a current generation fast wifi modem, don’t be stingy here expect to pay at least $200 for good one.

If you have an N150 or faster capable PC/TV and an N150 or faster modem-router, your internet is still only as fast as your ADSL2+ line, cable, or NBN, at the best of times. Satellite service is usually affected by latency regardkess of bandwidth. ADSL2+ as example would be in the range of 4-14 Mbps for most of us. Cable can be 100 Mbps but that is shared by everyone on that cable so your “ration” is usually well under the peak. Regardless, add the issue of latency and your net connection could be unusable for many applications regardless of the speed.

A newer modem-router capable of higher speeds will be more powerful than an older slower one, eg faster internally, so will have less latency of its own and could provide a slightly better experience, BUT the ISP servers, network switches, and content servers all introduce their own latencies and bottlenecks and are out of your control. Have realistic expectations prior to buying a top of the range wifi modem for an ADSL2+ or heavily subscribed cable connection.

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The ACCC is calling for better info for consumers regarding broadband download speed.

“In the first quarter of 2016, there were 2,159 issues reported to the TIO about slow data speeds. It was the top internet complaint issue, and more consumers contacted the TIO about internet complaints than any other issue.”

They are also calling for consumer submissions, so if you’ve had an issue you can let them know via the link at the bottom of the page.

I had problems with Optus broadband. I rang them & they sent a technician to fix it with an updated modem. Now it is working alright. You guessed it right - yes it cost me $100.

For all those not getting the speeds they expected with their plan, do not be tempted to pay for a Speed Boost pack. I tried the Speed Boost Max pack from Optus (at $30 extra per month) and had no change in speed at all over the month I tried it! Each time I sat down at the computer I’d run speed tests by Ookla and others to see if there was a change, and when there was it was negligible. What they will not tell you when asking about Speed Packs is that they will make no difference to websites or services you access from overseas, but may improve sites that are totally Australian in content. 99% of the stuff I do on the net is overseas based and even if the Speed Pack worked, I’ve found through further research it would still get bottlenecked as soon as it hits the Pacific cable due to the amount of traffic going through it now (can correct me if I’m wrong).

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well i do choose to live in paradise, but it comes at a price - on a good day we get around 3mb, mostly 2.5mb. whilst i realise that our distance from the exchange is the cause i am more concerned that i am being charged the same rate as someone who has the same plan but 3x faster connection. telstra (my isp) are well aware of the speed problem but seem completely oblivius to the unfairness of the situation,

i know, dream on…


My God I have some relief there are people suffering like me.I am taking the approach at times my computer does not work at times my TV will not work because Optus tells me I hav
e insufficent speed. When my abality to handle it becomes too great I will contact Optus and ask them to take it away close off the contract, because of their inabality to provide in accordance with the contract