International Travel Insurance

After reading and comparing all the travel insurance I’m still very confused. Does anyone know if there is a cover that will cover for possible illness before and during your travel. I’m struggling to get definitive answers on if you are covered if you get unwell before you go. Any advice would be amazing.
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Hi @Nikki1, welcome to the community.

For most comprehensive insurance policies - they do, as long as the illness was not a pre-existing condition. Most will also cover cancellations from illness from travelling companions as well (such as a child that get’s sick and the rest of the family can’t travel).

I have had to cancel international (trip to NZ) in the past due to coming down with a medical condition that prevented me travelling. I had to get a doctor’s report providing information on the condition and why travel was not possible to make a claim against the insurance policy. Out of pocket was the cost was the insurance premium and the excess.

When looking at a policy, look at the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and cancellations due to medical conditions. Search ‘cancel’ and/or ‘medical’.

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Thank you for replying. I have been looking at the pds but it’s taking me forever to look at them all and it’s a bit overwhelming.


If you have a travel insurance policy you are interested in, you are more than welcome to post the policy issuer and name and members can search the PDS and provide details on cover for possible illness before and during your travel?

It is possible the policy will have inclusions, exclusions and conditions associated with the policy.

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I am also currently researching international travel insurance for a rescheduled trip not taken in 2020.When I took it out originally we were both under 70 now we are not. The group we had it with have not yet resumed in Australia. I have found a lot will not take on pre-existing illnesses and others will only cover 9 months in advance even though we have had to pay 12 months in advance. Hoping some others in our age group have found some satisfactory policies post covid at a reasonable price.

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Hi all, Is it possible to get international travel insurance if you suffer from Atrial Fibrillation?

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I have moved your post to this already existing topic on international travel insurance. Hopefully you will get some answers that help you in your quest for information.


I (age 69) have just taken out an annual policy with National Seniors, base price $600 + $532 surcharge for declared pre-existing condition (2014 heart attack). But there were long lists of other conditions that I don’t think I have, but I’m not a doctor. I just wish the health insurers could come up with a simple system such as your GP giving you an A-E rating that you could use when completing the proposal form.


I was able to recently when we went to NZ. We used Medibank Travel Insurance but I assume other insurers would cover it, depending on severity, medication etc.


The cost and availability of travel insurance does vary with destination. It depends.

For Aussies some destinations present significant cost risks if emergency care is required. Being young and falling off a scooter or hitting a rock waterfall diving or as an older Aussie having an event after strolling on the beach for 30 minutes. Someone has all the statistics, and charges accordingly. Supposedly fairly, but open to debate whether the insurers are too lazy to better assess the risk factors for some. A cynic would suggest as there is no premium for travel insurance if one stays at home, it assures a longer life! :wink: