Interlinking threads/topics

Hello Choice

Is it possible to interlink threads and topics?

It seems to me that there are multiple threads covering very similar issues, for example with the internet we have discussions on ADSL, ISPs, NBN, download speeds, etc. where discussions about service, cost, support, & quality of ISPs regularly come up.

When someone has a question they can just create a whole new thread, and the lovely people reply giving advice even though much of the information being sought is already available elsewhere.

It would be great if a link could be created for the entire thread, not just for a post, so the the question links to an older thread(s) where the answers may already reside.

Hope that makes sense.


Maybe even a “read here first before posting” though I do generally get a box that says this topic or topics look similar when I create a new topic. Perhaps create a list of the helpful posts across a variety of areas that answer a lot of the common questions?

This could include things like “How do I contact the TIO and when? and what do I need?” Or “How do I contact Choice Help service and what will I need?”


Thanks. Great ideas!