Intel Cashback - talking to the cloud

A laptop was purchased from Officeworks and it was advertised that there is a $50 cashback from Intel.
I supplied the proof of purchase and got as a reply (from Intel) that the cashback had been approved and I’ll get in within few days by SMS. Never happened. For this cashback promotion Intel has a web page where you can contact and enquire. Sent twice my enquiry and besides the automated email that promises an quick answer - no answer had been received.
More than a month passed and it is obvious that Intel will never act on it, unless forced to
As there is no phone number you basically facing the wall (or cloud).
Does Officeworks has the responsibility to support in such case?
Can “Choice” help here?
Any other idea how to proceed?

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Welcome @Isaac.
I believe that offer ended 14th July, and was via some sort of pre-paid card with the $50 on it.
If you have a record of the acceptance once you had submitted the details, then I would be taking it up with Intel’s Australian head office in Sydney.
The details are in the terms and conditions which you should have.


No, the offer was from Intel and not Officeworks.

It is a little like some product manufacturers have prizes or special offers (2 for 1 or 50% more etc) to improve the sales of their product. These marketing offers are separate to the retailer and apply to all products sold irrespective of the retailer.

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They do not, as has been mentioned, but sometimes a retailer can get more attention than a consumer if they can be enlisted to ‘got to bat’.

The T&C indicate you should have received that within 7 days.

Alternatively if you are on Facebook, try Intel’s Facebook page. Sometimes the media monitors who reply to PMs can help resolve problems.


Thanks, I’ll try this option first, will update

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It was just about getting to the right person in Intel.
All sorted now