" Instant Windscreens & Tinting " Great service

Recently I parked my van on the street overnight . It was a Sunday night . Next morning a neighbour phoned me and said go and check your van . The drivers side window had been smashed . Glass everywhere . Nothing was taken , GPS was clearly visible , tools as well . Just sheer vandalism . The blight of Melbourne at the moment . Needed to get it fixed pronto so immediately phoned the company the regularly advertises on radio and TV . A household name . I was met with a “press 1 for this 2 for that 3 if you want to speak to a " PERSON .” Well I waited 20 minutes and spoke to the PERSON and was given a quote . I advised them it was not the windscreen but the drivers side window because It was so pricey . I then looked through my business cards and found one for "Instant Windscreens & Glass " I phoned them and a real , live , breathing person answered . I told them the make and model of the vehicle . Their quote was less than half "the household name " company . I said I would clean the glass out of the vehicle to make it easier for the glass fitter . I was advised they would do all that . They arrived .The service man was very friendly and obliging . Had the new window fitted in no time at all . He vacuumed the vehicle etc . Very professional . I was impressed by the service and price . Very seldom these days do the two line up . I will put a link to their website below .