Ingredients on throat lozenges

My partner has a very bad cold at the moment with a dose of laryngitis to boot. She would like to try these Butter and Menthol Vapodrops that I’m using successfully to keep the tickle from the back of my throat as I’m on the verge of getting what she’s got. Unfortunately she has a lot of food allergies and intolerances so it’s very important that she checks the ingredients on everything before she attempts to ingest them and this is where the problem lies. The packet divulges the active ingredients as menthol 7.0mg and that’s ALL the information it gives. No ingredients list at all. Do they use real butter? Are there any sugars or artificial sweeteners in the things? Are there any traces of egg, or is it manufactured on equipment that may have been in contact with other allergens? It simply doesn’t say, not on the individual wrappers nor on the packet that they all come in when you make the purchase.

So what are the laws concerning ingredients on packaging when it comes to something like a cough lolly? We tried their website and that has no information at all. We then tried their Facebook page and they said they’d have to get back to us and then didn’t get back to us.


It can take a few days for the media types to get responses from inside their company. Some company cultures put things in queues rarely to be proactively followed up.

If it has been more than 3 days go back to facebook and remind them of their commitment. Ask when they will be able to respond and restate the question. Media types have nowhere to hide when they let a customer down on facebook :wink:


I do find it surprising that over the counter/supermarket or chemist shelved items don’t have ingredient lists.

Many of these are foods no different to sweets or are no different to placebos (they are ‘L’ under the TGA for ‘Lame’) and should be labelled so that one knows if there are any ingredients which are allergens or are contrary to ones beliefs/principles (e.g. containing animal products).

Maybe this is something Choice could campaign as it is an enormous loophole in relation to labelling.


Mate , just have the Garlic straight. Get cloves from the shops, trim the ends off, peel, cut into thin slices get the water ready, throw it into your mouth chew a bit and wash it down. Make sure you get Australian Garlic. Cheers.

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Any luck with this one @NubglummerySnr? Annoying that the info isn’t included on the pack.

They got back to us a couple of days ago to tell us they were still going to get back to us. The Mrs’ cold has just about buggered off, so it’s a bit late for them to even bother now. She found a different brand and they emailed her back almost instantaneously with the info we needed.


I’ll be sure to mention this to my colleagues who work on labelling issues. Seems like it could cause a problem for allergy sufferers as you’ve described