Information on WiFi CHANGE WINDOW dates is not given. Same email re-sent in answer to my email

Reply email from my WiFi provider after I had already questioned ‘When is the CHANGE window?’ Am I missing something here, or don’t they read their emails?

Dear xxx, nbn co has advised us that it will be carrying out an Unplanned Change Activity on its network during the change window shown below. Your service (my address) and others on the nbn network are expected to be interrupted during the change window. CHANGE ACTIVITY: Status: InProgress CHANGE WINDOW Estimated Resolution Date: AEST/ADST The change could take place at any time in the change window above, but is expected to only cause you to be offline. It may result in you being offline multiple times though. nbn co has advised us that this is important network maintenance and it apologises for any inconvenience this may cause you. Please note that nbn co may provide little or no warning where the change type is not classified as normal by nbn co. For example, nbn co may provide only a few hours notice for expedited changes. If you have any concerns, please contact our Support Team on 1300 759 637. Thank you for your continued support. Kind Regards, SkyMesh Customer Support SkyMesh Pty Ltd ABN 38 613 736 137 Email: Phone: 1300 759 637 Online: PO Box 255 Fortitude Valley QLD 4006


It looks like they forgot to or had a bug when creating the proforma email.

You can check NBN Outages on the NBN website here:

Enter your address and outages within the next 10 days should appear.

Let us know if the search on the NBN site picked up an outage (notification).


Have you tried calling them direct on their 1300 number. With one of our previous ISP’s it was often more expedient to call or select the sales team option. Always quick to ensure a new customer was not missed or a product upgrade opportunity maximised. At worst you would be transferred directly to the tech support. It seemed to shorten the wait time to next in the queue.

Assume there was no ‘change window’ indicated.

FWIW, we have 2 NBN services each with a different RSP. They seem to have no problem including in advance a date and times in the advice for any outages. Emergency outages or system failures excepted.

We noted that with NBN Fixed Wireless there were few cheap options to keeping your copper line without paying a premium for it as an independent service. Telstra being one low/zero added cost option. Assume it’s the same for NBN satellite, and note that SkyMesh also offer a cheap copper line add on?


Thank you for prompt response, and nice to know I can check on nbn website.
No planned outage now or for the next 10 days when I check website!