Inefficient electrical products to be banned

Why do we allow washing machines with a half star energy rating to be sold in Australia?
Although $100 or so cheaper than more efficient washing machines the energy costs obviously much higher. It appears these inefficient cheap products are purchased by some landlords or renovators before renting or selling their property.
Can we please enforce a 3 star minimum standard on electrical appliances?


I’d be in favour of promoting more energy efficient products. You’re right - the energy costs are higher in the long run.

Have you had experiences where people renovating or landlords install less energy efficient machines just before selling?

Viewing endless apartments, strata titles, townhouses with a friend over the last year I’ve been appalled at how many have ‘new appliances’ such as dishwashers, washing machines, and in many of the furnished units also refrigerators with very low star ratings for energy and water. These are not places where solar panels or alternate energy can be found.
For anyone making the huge investment in buying property throwing out new appliances is not likely to be in the budget.
So bad long term financially, and bad for the environment.

Hi @Wend,

Just FYI, energy star ratings are based on standard testing. Products that are covered by the energy star rating scheme have to meet Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) set by standards committees and government regulators. This means that a one-star rating, while obviously not great, means the product does meet minimum requirements; in other words, it is considered efficient enough to be sold in Australia. MEPS weed out the really inefficient models and help ensure they aren’t sold here.

MEPS are adjusted from time to time as technology improves, to raise the bar higher and force ever more efficiency from appliances.

So it’s certainly a good idea to look for appliances with high star ratings, but rest assured that a product with a one star rating is still OK (assuming that’s a current label as per current MEPS, and not an out of date label on an older product).

Thanks Chris,
Reassuring information.