Induction Cooktops and Pacemakers

I was informed that induction cooktops could have the ability to interfere with pacemakers. Before we purchase our new cooktop I am wondering if there is any research in this regard.


Hi @Kitchen2022, welcome to the community.

The question about impact of pacemakers and induction cooktops has come up in the community in the past. Here are some of the posts about interactions:

This is the link to the British Heart Foundation information indicated in @ChrisBarnes post:

We hope that this may answer some of the questions that you may have.


Another resource to contact, assuming it is someone in the immediate family who has a pace maker is the specialist who provided the pacemaker. Experience is there are variations between brands. We had a list of requirements for my dad who was living with us, provided by his specialist. The guide provided was specific to the brand, type and operating conditions. It will provide more complete and reliable advice on all risks to be avoided.

The generally advised 60cm separation distance may be an issue in tight kitchen spaces or for those who choose to be independent in the kitchen.


Thanks so much for your feedback, advice and links to further information. Much appreciated.


Yes contact your specialist. For example my heart specialist has told me my brand of pacemaker can go in an MRI machine, which I imagine has quite strong magnetic fields.