Induction Cooktop ventilation not according to spec - is the warranty really voided?

According to the manual my Electrolux Induction cooktop EHI745BA requires clearance of at least 8mm from the oven or shelf below, and a vent at the front of at least 5mm
The replacement EHI745BE which I plan to buy (after cracking the glass top on the old one) EHI745BE only requires the 8mm clearance plus whatever the oven needs in addition.

The original installation provided no clearance, no vent at the front, but vents at each side (but only into narrow adjoining cupboards).

To meet this specification, I would have to pull out my oven and re-fit it at least 8mm lower, which is painful.

I don’t remember seeing an open gap of 5mm underneath an induction cook top.
No doubt the manufacturer would argue that the warranty does not apply if these specifications are not met, but I wonder whether these are ever met in practice??

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Welcome to the community @bdb

All such appliances will have an installation manual or instruction sheet. This is usually supplied with the product and most often seperate to the user manual/instructions.

It’s possible some products are installed differently to the manufacturer’s instructions. Consider for nearly every warranty claim an authorised service agent is likely to attend the home to inspect assess and repair. For a major failure there’s no assurance the warranty will be met if the installation does not meet the minimum requirements. It’s a high risk to hope it is overlooked.

As well as long term reliability needs the installation may require certain clearances to manage other risks, EG heat damage to the surrounding cabinetry, or worse.