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Incorrect labelling by Bonds

How can Bonds get away with selling mens undies in a pack of 3 marked Made in Bangladesh, when the actual products have a tag marked Made in China. Deliberately misleading.


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Have you made a report/complaint to the shop where you bought it? Asked for a refund or exchange? and complained to the ACCC?

As for myself, it suggest it is likely a procedural error in packaging so I don’t agree it is necessarily deliberate. I would agree it shows a lack of packaging QA. While not an excuse it may be so simple they had lots of packaging and changed suppliers and misguidedly were using their inventory of packing.


Given the outcry when Bonds moved their manufacturing to China, I’m not so sure that is an accident.

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So have you

and since it is obviously important to you, if not why not?


Wow. Talk about shoot the messenger. I just intended to let people know, nothing else, but it seems that your opinion is the only one. Goodbye.

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I do not understand how I attacked a messenger, just asked if you had reported it, and if not why not. Reporting it with your evidence is the right thing to do. As I do not have any Bonds products a consumer who does is the proper person to report such things. Some have reasons they do not from not knowing how or where to other issues.

If you needed guidance on those aspects it could have been provided.

If you are of the opinion that alerting people is sufficient that is also ‘an answer’.


Hi @Stealth1, welcome to the community.

If you have purchased the undies, just wondering if you could post a photo of the undies label that shows ’ Made in Bangladesh’? If you still have the packaging, a photo of that would be great where it shows ‘Made in China’.

There has been some internet blogs claiming of labelling discrepancies with Bond products as another reason not to buy Bonds products, but provided no evidence to substantiate the claims.

On the Bonds website, they are very clear in relation to the origin of the underwear. Whether it is China, Vietnam, Bangladesh etc. I am wondering if one noticed that Bonds is manufactured in a number of different countries, rather than all being manufactured in China - causing confusion.

I am sure if you post photos, Choice will be interested and may follow up.


Maybe quality control is the problem. I had two instances of incorrect sizing recently. One was a pullover labelled as M but fitting as L and the other a pair of jeans, same brand and size but one fits and one is tight. In the first instance, I was given a refund but with the jeans, the shop owner explained it as a different style, which was not labelled or signed, but I considered it not worth the argument - maybe I’ll get full value when I slim down a bit! :slightly_smiling_face: A friend I mentioned this to was not surprised and said she often found clothes sizes meant little. I guess the industry considers that catering for the variety of body sizes! Hmmm. My advice: try each individual item on and inspect it carefully in the shop, preferably with a discerning friend’s opinion and repeat at home before discarding the label and receipt!

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Bonds info that I found is that it manufactures in China. BUT… Bonds’ parent company is Hanesbrands, and Hanesbrands manufactures in Bangladesh.

Therefore it is quite possible that Hanesbrands commissioned the manufacture of products in Bangladesh for the Bonds brand. It may have then been packaged in the previously printed stock of packets with ‘made in China’ on the outside.

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