Inability to return unopened box of contact lenses ordered online via OPSM

I have an ongoing online subscription for Contact Lenses with OPSM. Recently I was prompted to enter new prescription details manually (their online platform doesn’t connect to their prescription system, so no prescription details flow through automatically). I made an error with the prescription and didn’t realise until the lenses were delivered and I put them in.

Understandably I can’t return the big box of lenses that I’ve already opened but it seems I can’t get a refund for the unopened box either. Their website’s legal info on refunds are incredibly vague but their support team have emailed to say I am not entitled to a refund for the unopened box. The only way they will do a refund is if the product is defective…technically you could say they are but I’m sure that won’t work given it’s due to my human error.

I’d love to know if anyone has had a similar issue or know if there is any consumer law that applies in this case. It’s a slim hope but wanted to check just in case.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Ouch, a mistake such as yours would be considered a change in mind under the Australian Consumer Law.

OPSM filled the prescription using the information supplied by the consumer. Unfortunately it isn’t their fault the prescription details which they used to fill the prescription were wrong. If the provided details were correct, and OPSM made a mistake when making the contact lenses, then they would be responsible for the error.

They are within their right to refuse a consumer returning the contact lenses and asking for a refund, when the consumer made the mistake.


Thanks heaps and I figured this was the case. Just wished I picked a provider that linked their own systems or at the very least allowed for uploads of prescription images. Hey ho. Lesson learned and account due to close shortly :-).


It is one of the risks of using a different optometrist to prescribe and then another to fill the prescription. Hopefully your post will make others careful when communicating a prescription.


I had a similar problem where I visited an optometrist for my check-up, and told me my prescription had changed. However, the new prescription provided by the optometrist was wrong.
When I ordered new glasses from Clearly with the new prescription, my vision was worse with them on than without glasses. My old glasses worked fine though. I went to another optometrist who re-did my eye check, confirming my eyes had not changed and the prescription I’d been given by the first optometrist was incorrect.
I was very happy with Clearly, who although they had no fault at all, replaced my glasses with the correct prescription.


Especially annoying when they brand themselves as the same company.


Sounds like I might need to check Clearly out.

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