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BMW connected traffic information. I have a 5 series first registered in 2016. It uses 3G to provide real time traffic information on the GPS route you are taking, also provides diversions if traffic is bad enough. Sometime next year, the telcos are closing down the 3 G network and BMW is not offering a 4 G conversion so I can continue using this very useful service. So this service stops in 6 months. The cost is about $120 pa whilst available, well worth it. BMW should investigate how this can be done. So far they said the service will be discontinued in 6 months

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BMW in the US has a factsheet associated with the removal of 3G services over there:

It indicates that some vehicles have a 4G network connection by stating:

Some vehicles factory-equipped with 4G telematics devices will no longer have access to services that require a voice connection, such as BMW Assist eCall and Concierge Services, but will continue to receive certain ConnectedDrive/BMW Assist services such as Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information, Remote Services and BMW Online, depending on your BMW model.

and 4G connected vehicles will continue to have access to Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information.

I wonder if it is possible to replace your existing system, with a 4G one. If it is possible, it might be very expensive knowing BMW. Whether it is possible is unknown, but they state:

Not all BMW vehicles will be eligible for a technology upgrade. Customers will be notified via email or First-Class Mail about whether their vehicles are eligible for an upgrade or not.

The other cheaper alternative might be to use Google Maps Live Traffic.


It’s likely for the effort required BMW has decided they will not bother.

Apple car play?

Or possibly Google?
Android Auto | Android


Or you could have the LiveTraffic app if you happened to be in NSW, or Waze if you arent, but I am not sure how reliable the traffic info is, on that. Then there’s Google Maps. TomTom AmiGO looks like it could be decent also

Queensland has a similar app to that of NSW


Very useful thank you and hopefully it can apply to my car here in Oz


Great solution but mine is a 2015 built F10 model does not have apple play option

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Thought you might look at the BimmerTech MMI add on product, allowing for the claim it can be fitted to 95% of 2008 and later BMW’s.

While it’s not a free upgrade the services it enables one to use can be had for no annual fee. Assumes one intends to retain the vehicle for many more years.

If there is any chance BMW’s Australian business could be pressured into doing more for owners of older vehicles, there is a BMW drivers/owners clubs and a single national body. Perhaps another avenue to pursue fir a better outcome?

Note the BMW release mentioning a free upgrade to 4G tech for some vehicles dates from 2021. Assume there has been no correspondence from BMW since advising your vehicle is eligible?

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Thanks inetersting it is a once only charge but over A$1,000

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