IInet not accepting timely cancellation, customer for over 12 years

It seems thar companies like TPG/Iinet can scam customers even when they have timely canceled by email. I have also written to the telecommunications ombudsman. He requested Iinet to refund. I can supply all communication with my bank, ombudsman and iinet.
The messages from Iinet are supporting my statement they are scamming customers especially when they want to leave. They are only refunding $18.69 instead of the $74.81.
Dieter hoppe
<Hi, to whom it may concern,

On the 27/12/2023 you paid Iinet $74.81 which should not have happen.

I canceled my contract on the 1/12/23. See attachment

As I always paid by Bpay they had no right to deduct any money from may account.

I like to have this money returned and with this email I cancel requests from Iinet.

If there is any problem please send me details so I can contact the telecommunication ombudsman.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

Dieter Hoppe>

Hi @dhoppe, welcome to the community.

There are a number of things which can impact on the amount of money refunded when a service is cancelled. These include any fees associated with cancellations (which will be outlined in the T&Cs/PDS associated with the service - this is especially the case if one is on a term contract, but could also apply to month by month contracts as well). The other factor is the date the service was terminated and the date of the monthly renewal. If the service is terminated at a different date, payment for the whole month or pro-rata period is still payable by the customer.

It is worth checking the T&Cs/PDS for the iiNet service you had, the timeframe for cancellation post notification and the date of cancellation compared to the date on monthly renewal/payment.

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They did not have permission to direct debit the $74.81 (my bank stopped it, or it would have gone on) from my account and I had a open contract. There is no valid reason to do that. As I said I can prove it with all the communication message (Iinet only want’s to do it by phone so you don’t have prove. Any serious company will have email or a cancel button on the customer log in side.


I’ve recently ported an NBN service and VoIP service from iiNet to another service provider. The new provider offered advice that I should follow up once the transfers were complete to ensure my account with iiNet was closed and billing was finalised. Worth keeping a watch out for.

It may be of interest to note that within hours of the NBN connection being switched over iiNet had sent an email and SMS acknowledging the service had been moved to another provider. It was followed some hours later by another email advising a revised bill would be issued prorata up to the changeover date. The difference to be paid or refunded by the same method/account as the regular bill payment.

Are you saying your account/bill was not an automatic payment? EG personally made individual transactions once each month (billing period) from your account by logging in on line.

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When I changed to NBN with my long used service provider, I had to provide a direct debit payment method. I chose my CC. That was then an authority to debit whether I wanted it or not.

I received a bill each month, and paid by Pbay as I had always done, but if a payment in full was not in their system by a certain date each month, they would excercise the direct debit.

These days I just let the direct debit happen automatically.

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