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If you pay extra for free range eggs, you deserve the real deal


Our label laws are weak. Eggs from chickens that don’t go outside or don’t have enough room to move can be called ‘free range’ — meaning those who choose free range could be paying double, without any guarantee they are genuinely free range.

However, that could all change. Rebekha Sharkie MP from the Nick Xenophon Team is proposing to change free range egg labelling laws. Her bill would ensure that free range means that chickens go outside and have room to move.

Ms Sharkie will need the support of the major parties to get these changes through, and that means your MP needs to know where you stand.

Support real free range egg labels and tell your local MP to support changes to free range egg labelling laws.


Sent the emails and tweeted the link…hoping it helps!


Thanks @grahroll, we appreciate it :thumbsup:


Heh It is the Hens I hope who get to appreciate it the most :slight_smile:


Done, and I congratulate Choice for the improved screens showing the email and enabling editing to make it clear ‘what one is signing up to’ as compared to long-previous presentations.

One constructive criticism - in future make the email editing window larger because personalisation is important after just ‘doing it’. Small, hard to use windows tacitly discourage users. When an MP gets an obviously personalised email I would like to think it get more attention than many standard ones that have been replicated.


Thanks @TheBBG, much appreciated. I’ll be sure to share your feedback with our campaigns team.


Sent my personalised email to Barnaby… although I suspect he ignores everything that isn’t from his dyed in the wool NP support base.


Cheers @gordon :thumbsup:



The things you learn when curiosity and Wikipedia collide - my member of parliament represents just over 63000 electors, in the third largest electoral division in the world - 1.35 million square kilometres. Hopefully he will support the action, though given there is no poultry meat or egg farming here at all, it might not be high on his agenda …


Thanks @draughtrider, it all helps


Sent the email of to the relevant parties .


Typically when I personalise mine which is the majority of the time, I get the same standard email or Hansard record reply and often enough with Dear Constituent/Voter/Applicant/Respondent… headings that do not even reference my name or reference my email name. I think a lot of the time they just count them, that one’s a yes that one’s a no or similar. They may just put a filter in that semi sorts them.


sent off for the wife woman and myself :slight_smile:


@vax2000 @meltam - thanks for supporting our campaign :raised_hands:


Did mine a couple of days ago. Also shared email to several others and at least one has contacted her pollie. I’ve had a response to my letter from my local politician’s staffer advising I would be contacted directly by the poliie in a couple of days - still waiting.


Thanks @meekas.mum, great working sharing the campaign and let us know if you ever hear from your local politician.


email sent, shared on Facebook and I’ve also completed the survey
Australian Poultry Welfare Standards - NSW Department of Primary Industries (sent to me by #AnimalsAustralia) - sorry wasn’t sure about how to do the link.


Thanks @leonie.lyall :chicken:


I buy eggs at the farmers markets 800g dozen sets me back $10. Eggs are always fresh . Tried uploading a photo but couldn’t


Hi @annaa63, you should be able to upload pics using this button :thumbsup: