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Identifying Choice Staff

It seems variable how individual Choice Staff manage their Community profiles.

It would be helpful for casual users if all Choice staff uniformly identified themselves as Choice Staff rather than any other badges they have [are any showing nil?], and have a link to their bio in their profile to place their role at Choice. Some profiles are populated with many clever things, yet are uninformative of where a contributing Choice staff member fits in - eg testing what, managing what, investigative journo, etc.


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Thanks for the feedback @PhilT. All staff have the blue shield applied to their profile pics, people can also cross reference the CHOICE staff group. Not all staff have profiles on the website (generally only content producers), but we could look to provide a link to their LinkedIn profiles and I’ll endeavour to fill in those profiles where the info is lacking.


I am not sure a casual user would recognise what a blue, or black, or gold shield means other than the user is somehow ‘special’.

Putting it on the member to search and investigate and find their way around the site seems second best to having information in a profile. From my vantage point I could believe some users might not realise they can click on a member name and see a profile, or access many of the things those who use forums take for granted.

Android has made linkedIn an integral app. Not everyone is happy about it, uses linkedIn, or wants to use it.

Thanks, and FWIW the clever ones include a piece of fabric, mag covers, … , identifying some of Choice’s top staff! :laughing:


I wasn’t aware of the different colouring…until now. Will sleep well tonight as have learnt something new.

I also see if you hover your cursor of the shield it says ‘CHOICE-staff’. Something else new from my end.


I am with PhilT on this issue a clear sign that a user is a Choice staffer seems simplest and clearest.


As a fairly new user, the badges were quite clear to me.

The same blue colour used throughout the Choice branding and this site is on their badges.


Agree. Also as a casual Facebook user I have no idea where my comments go. The answer from Coice to this out seems complicated

What do you mean by integral app? You mean it’s pre-installed? It wasn’t pre-installed in my Moto G 5G Plus nor my Pixel 3 (but that was manufactured before the OP)

On many phones. A snip not a hotllink